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2028 SuckaFree Superbowl Preview: For BIIIIIIIG bragging rights and legacy type stuff.

Daaaaaawg… *fist bump* THIS should be a beast of a Superbowl not because Madden says so or “Adam, Peter, Mark, Shannon”, damn sho NOT Shannon Sharpe, Skip B… Naw playa, THIS Superbowl is for ALL the bragging rights. Everything is at stake. Marbles, monies, heart and hustle. See, the ATL Falcons, consecutive champs, are hunting their third in a row. THREE. (Shit never been before on Madden with SuckaFree. Back on NCAA, 1 dude got 4 in a row, 2 got 3 in a row.) The Browns are seeking their fourth total championship after trading hoarding power with the Dallas Cowboys the first 6 years. Regardless of who wins, the winner enters rarefied air as the first to do whatever it is he doing. Across the user landscape, dudes try not to care but everybody pulling for one of the two. Pickens’ Falcons are supported by an outright army of “newbies” that fussed and fought but eventually to OVERstand the SuckaFree method vs. cheezing, blasting booty users for 70pts and crazy records was solid AF and makes good entertainment. People don’t quit as much, games are interesting, folks on edge watching scores/stats, everybody can develop a team regardless of stick skill, it’s just more fun. Kaso’s Browns find themselves in strange and unfamiliar territory as the commissioners and old school guys he’s abused for years are forced to support his bid to END Pickens! Do people call that “poetic justice” or karma? The blogging adds elements of beef, review, discussion, motivation and flat out bullshit that keeps everybody engaged. Gotta admit, it was a great season that gives us a superior Superbowl and one that moves the needle.

But FIRST, let’s look at the Conference Championships…

In a shoot out of the ages, 48Bars (Pittsburgh Steelers) came out gunning his ass off for the #2 seeded Kaso (Cleveland Browns). Marcus Mariotta battled the living legend Lamar Jackson but fell short. His two INTs hurt the chances but the real fault lie with the defense. Defensive POY, D. Bush, did everything he could to contain the Browns but it wasn’t gonna happen. Cleveland only punted once and the HOF trio of Garrett, Ward and Williams forced the Steelers into key mistakes and short gains.

Final score Kaso 63 vs. 48Bars 38

Meanwhile, the NFC’s matchup featured upstart, User of the Year, Rocket’s Eagles vs. the former User of the Year and consecutive champ Pickens’ Falcons. The two offenses walked into Lincoln Financial with the best rushing offenses in the NFL and both utilized efficient passing attacks when necessary. The Eagles had the #1 offense, ATL was #2. The Falcons had the POY QB E. Ramirez. The Eagles have Coach of the Year RJ Thomas. ATL’s defense was #8 while Philly was #2. The game was decided by pure defense as Philly’s top rushing attack was stifled, suffocated and put away for a passing assault leading to 3 critical INTs. ATL chugged away with its 2 pronged RBBC mentality and played keep away.

Pickens Falcons 17 vs. Rocket’s Eagles 10

Introducing the AFC Rep, Kaso’s Cleveland Browns!

Offense ranking: 7th

Defense ranking: 14th

Key Players: Myles Garrett (99-Superstar X Factor), Lamar Jackson (99-Superstar X Factor), Denzel Ward (96-Superstar X Factor), Keke Coutee (87-Superstar) Greedy Wiliams (85-star), Niles Underwood (84-Superstar)

The Cleveland Brown are underdawgs in this rendition of their Superbowl appearance. Kaso built a dynasty on the backs of his original team and rarely felt the need to add pieces. His TWO pieces are fantastic.

One, MLB Underwood that has emerged as the NFL’s best cover LB over his first 2 seasons. Underwood won the Heisman at Da U after leading the Hurricanes to their first college playoffs ever. The LB led the nation in tackles, INTs and FFs while setting defensive records under the tutelage of Coach David Shaw. His NFL career started with a bang as he made the pro bowl and led the Browns in tackles. Clevelands ability to dominate the edges offensively starts with the living legend, Lamar Jackson and extends to the most overlooked WR corps in NFL history. This year, the QB shared the load with his Superstar X Factor ROOKIE RB, Monte Poe. The youngster led the AFC with 1800+ rushing yards and 20 TDs.

How bout that NFC CURRENT & consecutive champ…

Offense ranking: 2nd

Defense ranking: 8th

Key Players: Emanuel Ramirez (93-Superstar X Factor), Luther Larson (92-Superstar X Factor), Sylvester Greer (89-Superstar), Shawn Rossum (87-Superstar X Factor), Tanner Triplet (91-Superstar), Davante Whittaker (85-Superstar), KJ Jenkings (76-Hidden)

The Falcons slid into familiar territory, their third consecutive Superbowl.

Led by the NFC POY QB E. Ramirez, the unit is ranked 2nd offensively and might be the most efficient offense in the league. Ramirez plays childish games of “throw it up high so the kids won’t get it” with his 6’3 WRs Greer and Rossum.

Rossum has exploded and established himself the league’s premiere go-to threat and that is NOT surprising considering how well Atlanta run. Luther Larson of Iowa broke track records in college but couldn’t separate himself from the pack of elite runners known to frequent the program. Instead, the speedy freshman played CB, special teams and gadget.

Pickens and the Falcons drafted the kid early to the chagrin of SuckaFree and gave users middle fingers as the shifty RB became the best RB in the NFC. One of the most unique side stories is the matchup between MLBs. Cleveland’s Underwood won the Heisman and college awards when Miami defeated Whittaker’s Alabama team in the 2026 College Playoffs 1st round. All Whittaker has done since then is be drafted earlier, win defensive ROY honors on his way to a Superbowl last year. The two both played at Worthing High School and are cousins of Houston rap legend Lil Flip.

Final Predictions…

Pickens’ Falcons 35 vs. Kaso’s Browns 21

We’re going with the Falcons based on their proven multiple ways to win games. Kaso is a bully that jumps out fast, often and doesn’t let up. He has not shown an ability to win defensive games or win without the edge play of Lamar Jackson. Pickens prides himself on forcing users to pass where his underappreciated secondary of uber-talented aggressive Hawks dare users to test their speed and Pickens’ stick skills. The next difference is size (Atl is bigger on edges vs. Kaso’s speed on edges. Finally, ATL has a deeper group of playmakers. Their rookie RB is nicknamed KJJ2K after leading Central Florida to a conference championship and 2k yards during his senior season. In the NFC championship, his deft running made all the difference and took the favored Eagles by absolute surprise in the title game.

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