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SuckaFree One-On-One with Coach Hawkeye of the Dallas Cowboys (3x Superbowl Champion)

Aight, this off-season, SuckaFree will run one-on-one with coaches around the league to kinda give the franchise a real off-season feel. Three coaches , Falcons, Eagles and Titans sat down to give their take on the the 2028 season.

What do you do, married, family?

I do all types of stuff besides I’m determined to POP one of MY business ventures. I’m natural in sales tho. 1 wife, 1 son (playing football like ME) and building my empire.

How do you feel about your team? Strengths? Weaknesses?

Let me honest, WE have plenty of room for growth. I struggle to find the right description for the squad. Our O-line is the backbone, a wiley, veteran group that’s been together for 4 years. Our weakness is the defensive side of the ball because we’re so YOUNG.

Who are the most important players on your roster?

The signal callers on BOTH sides, QB and FS. Right now, the calls are made by Horn

but once we get Fred up to speed, he’ll take over and let others play fast.

To improve our efficiency, we a healthy RB. I’m not big on the whole RBBC thing because it tips your hand. A competent user will key on those substitutions, take away your “money play” and giggle at the attempt to confuse them. Naaaah, not ME. I ain’t tipping SHIT to nobody.

What is your offensive identity/playstyle?

I’m in the minority of users BUT I set my offense by the pass. Yes, we RUN the football. Yes, we RUN well. All that being said, I believe those quick strikes, deep shots are momentum boosts. Once ___ warms up, we’re off to the races and daring users to keep up.

I’ve told Brent Nixon… Get FASTER with your release OR faster with your read. He’ll have competition THIS off-season.

What is your defensive identity/playstyle?

Stop the run FIRST. Turnovers second. I would LOVE to act like it’s aaaaalllllll about defense but it’s NOT. Especially since OUR Dline plays freaking patty cake, CBs slow and safeties clueless. We adjusted by focusing on TOs, catch the INT, recover the fumble, hold on to the tipped pass.

What is your focus this offseason?

Where do I start with our improvements? Number one, we need defensive starters to create a TRUE defensive identity because turnovers are NOT consistent. Number two, SuckaFree is afire about the decision to let Jason Stinson walk. I hoped him to be a Cowboy lifer but ownership doesn’t give 2nd contracts. Number three, we must solve our RB group IF somebody steps up because I refuse to force it. Last, Oline depth. *shrugs* The MOST important is not about who Dallas brings in, adds, any of that because we have playmakers. Forrest’s injury last, Brent was hurt, nobody could be trusted feeding the offense. We had spills and that finally caught up with us. Our focus in the D is getting better period.

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