Is this the LAST season of SuckaFree Madden 20?

Madden 21 drops on August 25th, 2020. That is NEXT month. In the past, SuckaFree loses users right around this time due to that $60 tag. Kids, family, quarantine, *shrugs* Life gets important and the league recognizes the struggle is real AF.

That being said, we have about 5 weeks left to finalize bragging rights for first timers, young stunnaz and even old heads. The “User Tiers” have been updated and reflected in the Power Rankings.

The SuckaFree Power Rankings:

Tier 1s (Guys who have won a title)

Pickens (Atlanta Falcons) – Dude has been the subject of several articles in his pursuit of the first 3-peat Champ. Strong running game, big WRs, stick skill defense… *sigh* Good luck playas!

Kaso (Cleveland Browns) – 3x champion and wielder of Lamar Jackson. Proven bully that wins with speed and stick skills.

Hawkeye (Dallas Cowboys) – 3x champion and first ever “Madden Savant” of SuckaFree. Master of playcalling and stick skill proper.

Tier 2s (Stick Skillers & team builders)

Rocket (Philadelphia Eagles) – Another run game bully and stick skiller. Lives in opponent’s turnover margin.

Funky (Buffalo Bills) – Old school pound the rock user that separates himself by building dominant teams AND developing players

48Bars (Pittsburgh Steelers) – Newbie that made AFC championship in his first playoffs. Gave Kaso a good game and beat Rocket.

Tier 3s (dudes that haven’t proven enough)

BigPrin (LA Rams) – bonfide contender that made playoffs in consecutive years. JUST beat Rocket in a shocker of a preseason game.

LatPack (TB Buccaneers) – usually a threat that missed playoffs last season. Most believe this is because he lost interest in gameplay or got busy at work.

Bowman (SF 49ers) – Old head/original member of SuckaFree that admits to needing to adapt his game to multiple users and fresh user talent.

Ant Joh (NY Jets) – Newbie that loves user games and struggles with CPU more than necessary.

Delma (Detroit Lions) – made playoffs last season but early exit. Doesn’t say much on feeds but it is believed he doesn’t take THIS league serious.

Clock (KC Chiefs) – Another quiet user but perennially has kept Bball out of the playoffs

Bball (Oakland Raiders) – user that goes up/down with his participation. Makes playoffs sometimes but considered consistent.

MuthaFugga (TN Titans) – little more than a CPU team because he can’t play much.

Quiet but VIOLENT AF Coaches

Last post, we looked at the overall involvement of FA and draft news. Since then, coaches have provided 1-on-1s and today, we look at the OTHER users.

Clock (Chiefs)

The Chiefs enter the season with question marks all over the roster. The belief is that Bronson Westbrook (Oh, he of the Eagles’ peddling) will be enough to spark an offense that lacks proven playmakers and reliable weapons. The Chiefs solidified the OL with FA addition Shaq Phillips but the the LB core lacks muscle and the team is searching for someone to fill the MLB void. In the secondary, CB Ayers and SS Gattis lead a veteran unit with poise and hard work more than raw talent/skill.

Bball (Raiders)

The Raiders have a potent offense on paper. QB Zach McGraw have weapons at his disposal with the RBs and WRs. Oakland has done a nice job of building an offensive core capable of going deep or pressing users’ run defense. The entire gig may hinge on WR Charles Jeffery ability to make plays from multiple positions. The Raiders intend on squeezing every drop of talent from the WR in order to free up the RBs and set up their Wildcat run game. On defense, the Raiders invested in the DL to make up for a lackluster LB group without sizzle or speed. The same could be said of the secondary as Oakland intends on outscoring users this year.

LatPack (Bucs)

The Bucs came in the the offseason with a scary offense. The QB Sylvan is hailed as the next Drew Brees with his uncanny poise in the pocket facing pass rushers. WR Big won NFL’s best WR and RB Dunn continues to hold his father’s name and respect high around player circles. Mike Evan teases TE records at 36 because he is still too fast too fast for LBs and big for safeties and CBs. The season will be defined not by offense but defense. TB selected Cal’s LE Zach Jordan with their 1st round pick. The need is obvious, someone to give Josh Carvajal some help on the DL. TB couldn’t fix their secondary depth and DL in one off-season so the team is focus on developing defensive players throughout the season. Score points and pressure the QB is the motto in TB.

Delma (Lions)

The Lions have enjoyed multiple trips to the postseason but without users in their division, that is pretty damn easy. The Lions solved their offensive playmakers a few season ago, (QB Johnson, RB Tyler and a speedy WRs give them the threat of deep shots while keeping defenses honest and focused on Mason. The defense is led by All-Pro LBs Bannister, Kitchens and RE Nick Thomas. The real question will be the OL in Detroit. The Lions drafted OGs in consecutive drafts but still field one of the users worst units. Their secondary lacks depth but Seward and Roth are strong starters capable of filling holes.

BigPrin (Rams)

The Rams and BigPrin have introduced themselves to SuckaFree by wrestling the NFC West from Bowman’s 49ers. Saddled with talented but troubled QB Harden, Prin has taken the Rams to playoffs for consecutive seasons as well. Prin relies on shifty HBs and building another track team in LA with his trade for the Falcons WR Rossum and 1st round pick WR Jalen Smart of Oregon State. The WR broke single season receiving records at Oregon State with a single year of production. Many experts worried the WR inability to separate himself from CBs facing top competition would plummet his stock. The Rams weren’t and showed their belief with his selection over faster WRs from the Big 12. Defensively, the Rams are building on their improvement by harnessing 4.3 CBs to play man coverage vs. the Pickens, Rockets and Hawk of SuckaFree.

48Bars (Steelers)

48Bars reached the AFC Championship before falling to Kaso. The general belief is that with a few players, Pittsburgh could’ve shocked the well known bully but lacking talent on that side, Devin Bush ran out of gas. In walks Khaleed Ali of Buffalo. The senior CB was a difference maker in the MAC conference for his entire career and leaves as the first ESPN top 100 HS recruit to sign with the school. Ali chose to stay home close to his father who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and needs home support to function. The senior CB did that while earning academic honors and graduating #3 in his collegiate class. In Pittsburgh, he will be expected to shadow Brown’s WR and guard the scramble catches.

Ant Joh (Jets)

The Jets finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs for the 2nd time in Ant Joh’s tenure. Defensively, the Jets employ a high risk/reward scheme founded on generating pressure, hit sticks and forcing fumbling. HOF Safety Jamal Adams leads a talented secondary and hold the position as the team’s best defender. Once a strong suit, the Jets traded with the 49ers for WR Irvin Smith and his knack for stretching defenses. This gives QB Rouse his first true WR weapons since arriving in NY. The Jets signed the still-fast-AF Nyheim Hines and hope their team doctors can keep him healthy. Several users have tried Hines over the years but his penchant for injuries has taught most users to move on from the speedster.

Games of the Week

Below are the user vs. user games for the season. Games in BOLD look to be real super games that others want to see.

Week 1

Kaso vs. Delma

Titans vs. Steelers

Bills vs. Falcons

Week 2

Ant vs. Clock

Bball vs. Funky

Falcons vs. Rocket

BigPrin vs. Hawk

Week 3

Latpack vs. Hawk

Clock vs. Bball

MuthaFugga vs. BigPrin

Funky vs. Kaso

Week 4

Bowman vs. MuthaFugga

Clock vs. Funky

Ant Joh vs. 48Bars

Pickens vs. Latpack

Week 5

Hawk vs. Rocket

MuthaFugga vs. Funky

Week 6

Bowman vs. BigPrin

48Bars vs. Kaso

Clock vs. Hawk

Week 7

Latpack vs. Delma

48Bars vs. Bball

Browns vs. MuthaFugga

Week 8

Latpack vs. Funky

BigPrin vs. Bowman

Week 9

Ant Joh vs. Latpack

Week 10

Ant Joh vs. Funky

Delma vs. Pickens

Week 11

Pickens vs. Ant Joh

Delma vs. BigPrin

Rocket vs. Bball

Week 12

Rocket vs. Hawk

BigPrin vs. Pickens

Funky vs. Ant Joh

Week 13

Bowman vs. Latpack

Bball vs. Hawk

Rocket vs. Clock

Week 14

Latpack vs. Pickens

Bowman vs. Rocket

Week 15

Delma vs. 48Bars

Week 16

Kaso vs. 48Bars

Ant Joh vs. Bball

Rocket vs. Delma

Week 17

Bball vs. Clock

Rocket vs. BigPrin

Hawkeye vs. Bowman

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