Kendrick Avant 4-star Movie Review: Only (Netflix, 2019, Leslie Odom, Freida Pinto)

Why I watched…

I recognized Leslie Odom, the black guy, from Hamilton. The woman, Frieda Pinto, was the girl everyone loved in Slumdog Millionaire. Still, that wasn’t enough. Reading the movie description and seeing ‘self-imposed quarantine’, THAT ended all internal discussions and I wanted in. (Come on MAN! Coronavirus? Death tolls? Where YOU been?! *duck face*)

Now, the ACTUAL movie…

Entertaining. High on suspense. Heavy with mystery. It was goooood. The Queen and I stayed awake the entire movie, glued, rewinding and keeping up. The premise of the female population suddenly dying off caught her interest. I’m rocking Multiple Sclerosis so the disease/illness plot is a cheat code for mine. The film starts fast, moves with purpose and uses flashbacks to tell the story. Frieda Pinto is pretty good wielding the emotions of grief, determination, grit. Leslie Odom is bona fide in every scene as the strong, silent type, ready to do WHATEVER. With actors set, the movie comes down to plot, scenes and storytelling. It is cool beans, sticks to the purpose and enjoyable. The wife and I had NO debates about the quarantine, its effects or purpose. We struggled defending some of the couple’s actions but facing THOSE elements, there are going to be second chances.

Final Rating: 4-stars

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