Kendrick Avant 4-star Movie Review: The Old Guard (Netflix, Charlize Theron)

5-star (Matrix)

4-star (Deadpool)

3-star (Spawn)

2-star (Suicide Squad)

1-star (Daredevil, the Ben Affleck movie)

Let’s open things with this, I am HUUUGE fan of Image Comics! The movie, The Old Guard, is based on a comic of the same name. It’s all about a band of immortals that hire themselves out as mercenaries and their wild adventures.

I enjoyed the film, actors, action, everything. For an origin movie, the set up was pretty true to the original comic. That also explains the length; origin movies are usually longer. The storyline makes sense too. A lot of times, movies destroy the storyline with adaptations. The Old Guard flowed easy and didn’t require all types of me-telling-the-wife-what-was-happening. It did a marvelous job of presenting the negatives of an eternal life through snippets of characters. The action scenes while well choreographed were often dark, too damn dark. The musical choices were top notch, little hip hop was infused throughout the film but the surprise was not a REAL surprise.

Final Rating: 4-stars

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