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SuckaFree Season 2029, Week 2 Update:

Week 2 in SuckaFree opened and closed without much fireworks. Pickens and Ant Joh continued their swag banging but the league enjoys the banter. Commish Funky announced that “from here on out, if you don’t play, it is an auto loss.” The league was not shocked by the proclamation and many welcomed it. (Most users play their games vs CPU but SOME restart due to losses or injuries. 🀣🀣)

Ant Joh’s Jets vs. Clock’s Chiefs

In a game of BIG plays, Ant Joh defeated Clock. Ant Joh is one of the few users that wants to pass, pass deep and doesn’t mind INTs. His philosophy of “go big or go home” earned the Jets a W in Week 2. His trade for WR Irv Smith paid off as the big play wideout snagged a 60yd TD reception and forced the Chiefs to account for him. The result was 3 Jets RBs pulled off 30yd gains. On defense, the Jets defense was expected to take a step back after trading away their All-star OLB but 6 sacks from a fearsome pass rush proved the assumption wrong.

Rocket vs. Pickens

The matchup of user phenoms again was close AF but 3-peat Pickens continued his dominance of user games. The champ was outgained, lacked TOP (time of possession) and struggled with Rocket’s run game but walked away with the victory. The final factor seemed to be turnovers again. Pickens’ ability to win close game is so reminiscent of the Patriots that some are whispering the champ doesn’t have competition, just plays around. Rocket, latest of the hotshot newbies, opened up his offense, gambled and refused to fall into the trap of “playing NOT to lose”. He ran, passed and moved the ball up and down the field but a final Herbert INT ended his bid for Tier 1 status.

Funky vs. Bball

*N/A* because users haven’t played.

Draft News

*N/A* nothing new here to report as the names/entries are open NEXT week.

Trade Bait!

The trade waiver is lit up with options at almost every level. Users are going crazy in efforts to take talented players from cash-strapped teams like Buffalo and the Chicago Bears. Both teams would like to deal established vets for draft picks and cheaper talent. TE Johnston (Chicago Bears) has the superstar ability to run 4 extra routes when playing the traditional, in-line position. The Bills dangled RB Trucke (power star HB with 4.5 speed) but cap penalties keep the youngster up North. The Raiders, Jets and Falcons led all teams with veterans for sale or bait.

Hot Stuff for NEXT Week…

Week 3

Latpack vs. Hawk (homie on auto so gon play)

Clock vs. Bball (division game between users)

MuthaFugga vs. BigPrin (hoping for EARLY gametime)

Funky vs. Kaso (only users to represent AFC in Superbowl)

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