Week 3 in SuckaFree: Here comes the cheezing and cheating again… *sigh*

The nonsense came on STRONG AF in week 3! Everyday on the feed, somebody was popping and banging with somebody else. If the swag thumping wasn’t enough, users brought back cheezing and cheating again.

Come on maaaaaaaaan…. The “TOP” users BS’ing and Ant Joh STAY in shit. Everybody been playing Madden long enough to wreck the CPU with “money plays” on offense and defense. Play against a CPU team that runs heavy man, high pressure pressure blitzing and ANY user can shatter records and pump their players. The key is to NOT do that too much. Yup, everybody trying to develop their players, get those upgrades and open up their shit buuuuuuut… Maaaaaaaaan….

Examples of borderline…

Rocket doing his thang flirts with the “win by 50”.

The key here is that he won by 50 to stay within rules. He kept his offense to a respectable 450yds. Now, on defense, he obviously abused the CPU and ran excessive “money plays” BUT this is the definition of flirting with rules, pushing limits and stuff.

Ant Joh hates to be OUTdone. The minute I saw Rocket’s beatdown of Denver, I knew some “newbie” would accept the challenge and start their versions.

35 in the 4th quarter is ridiculous. *shrugs* You can tell he did his best to “feed the playmakers for stats”.

Pickens has never backed down from any challenge, perceived or real.

Pickens sent a group message saying he “couldn’t do anything to stop the abuse”. #Whatever Classic example of stat padding all game with money plays and since it’s 8min quarters… Things out of hand quick.

It got real when Bball and Funky started beefing over their week 2 matchup. Seems Funky had technical issues again and instead of restarting, offered the automatic W to Bball and the Raiders. Bball took the offering of a free W as an admission of cheezing. According to his side of the story, Funky was “cheezing” by running excessive nickel 2-4-5 mid blitz. (That particular blitz has been a ‘money defensive play’ for year in Madden. It frees up the rush end for a straight free shot at the QB. Most users counter the blitz by audibling the TE/HB to pass protect. Bball doesn’t so he considers it cheezing.) Well, Funky adamantly denied the claim and said, ‘I pretended to blitz because I KNEW you would be shook and throw INTs and shit. You DID. I was up 7-0, game messed up and I didn’t care enough to run it back.” The two exchanged slugs and hard references to the past before losing interest and doing other shit since both are fathers. Bball got the W with a close 18-15 victory. The loss is setting up Commish Funky to seek a wilcard spot in the playoffs because Ant Joh is fully committed to cheezing, cheating, winning THIS year at all costs.

Clock vs. Bball

Bball got off to a fast start and demolished Clock in the first of their division matchups. The game was decided by Chiefs QB Jeremiah McCartney who threw 3 INT and struggled throughout the contest. Bball’s 24-3 halftime lead allowed him to settle into safe, run-the-clock mode and he benefited with a concentrated ground effort. The Raiders defense gutted Clock’s new offensive line after big FA additions meant to protect Jeremiah.

MuthaFugga’s Titans vs. BigPrin’s Rams

User schedules prevented MuthaFugga and BigPrin from facing each other. The CPU Titans defeated the Prin’s Rams in a complicated case of timely defense, turnovers and good ol’ super Madden mode. (Super Madden is when “Madden AI” does crazy, improbable type of stuff to ensure it defeats a user. 18ft high INTs by the computer, suddenly YOUR QB is slow as molasses, HBs fumbling, kicks/punts getting blocked…) The Titans blocked a K, forced 3 TOs, returned a fumble-6 66yds and sacked the Rams 7x. Defensive addition, superstar SS Mays led all defenders in tackles, sacks, broke up passes and assisted on the team’s lone INT. On offense, the Titans QB Deondre Francois finally regained his rookie for with a perfect game, 6-6, 80yds, 1 TD.

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