SuckaFree Week Four: Something burning…

See, what had happened was…

SuckaFree got a lil heated over cheezing, cheating and glitching! 🤐 For anybody who rocking with da lil handicapped homie, *hands up* Yooooo, my bad but SOMEthing had to be said. I got called out for a single WR getting ALL the receiving yards even tho his stats weren’t gaudy and he didn’t break records (except that rec. avg. and I chilled soon as Rocket bust me out. He called me out for team sacks and ended up beating me for season total!). Funky chopped me SEVERAL times because my QB had 47 TDs, 1 INT. I’m bringing these up so cats can OVERstand that everybody goes too far except Bowman. Take your medicine and chill out on “stats” vs. CPU. Progress your players by who and how the game goes instead of running no huddle when up by 30 in the 4th, calling hot routes every play, sweeps & stretches late in games, it ain’t hard.

Anybody catch that Kaso and Bball beefing over the Ravens? Really, they squabbing over LAMAR JACKSON but *shrugs* Who wouldn’t? It WAS funny when Kaso said, “Dawg. 😑 We play in the OTHER league with our Madden 21 teams remember?” 🤣🤣🤣 Nope, I haven’t either user PERSONALLY but I kinda figure Kaso makes those straight faces and stares at cats all the time. #Lufkin #EastTexas

Pickens’ ATL Falcons make necessary plays to beat Latpack’s TB Buccaneers

I KEEP telling y’all, Pickens is toying with dudes! In a match-up of new bloods, Pickens picked off Lat 6x to continue his dominance in big games and the INTs are evidence of that stick skill. CB J. Smith had the game of his career with a hat trick of picks and MLB D. Whittaker, 2 for himself, leads all user LBs in INTs over his young career. Latpack is known for the Air Coryell offense and his WR J. Big, FL standout, carved over 200 yards in a valiant effort to hand around. Timely picks and that Iowa rushing attacks allowed the Falcons to remain undefeated.

Ant Joh’s NY Jets lose to 48Bars & the Steelers

The Jets and Ant Joh fell in a close game to the Steelers and 48Bars. Ant Joh plays with a go big or go home mentality led by his HOF Safety Jamal Adams. The duo combined to force ANOTHER 2 fumbles and leads all users in FFs over his loooong career. It didn’t work this week as 48Bars passing game is becoming damn near surgical. Marcus Mariotta returned from a preseason injury and dissected the hard hitting Jets defense for 310 yards, 70% and no turnovers. On defense, the Steelers and Jets traded big plays and both teams had WR turn out monster games.

Bowman’s SF 49ers DEMOLISH MuthaFugga’s TN Titans!!! 😭😭😭

Bowman’s 49ers enjoyed their beatdown of the Titans this week. The TN Titans, fresh off a user victory, came in overconfident on a big play running game and again left in shambles. The refusal to trust Deondre Francois in user games is at the heart of the issues. The Titans invested heavily in a power game offense and lack playmakers on the edge or interior. When questioned about the philosophy Coach MuthaFugga said, “Our lack of speed doesn’t matter when Baker Mayfield having perfect games and outrunning DE for TDs. Our play on defense was ridiculous and the offense was inept.”

Clock’s KC Chiefs WRECKED by Funky’s Buffalo Bills

The Chiefs were abused by the Bills in the late primetime user matchup. Unable to run at all vs. the stout Buffalo front seven, Clock turned to his passing game and talented QBs of Bronson Westbrook and the sophomore McCartney. Neither could get the offense out of 1st gear and his squad was dismantled. Jimmy Fitzpatrick shut down his WRs all game and even picked off 2 INTs to earn Player of the Game. RE Dionte Fitzgerald added 3 solo sacks to seal the defensive effort.

Shhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiid, what up on that DRAFT tho?

Offensive Heroes

QB Nash Foster kicked off his senior season with a defeat of the fabled Alabama Crimson Tide. Using a bevvy of throws, he dazzled the Tennesse crowd with 400+ yards, 4 TDs, 1 rush TD and even made the game saving tackle after Johnny Bird fumbled trying to run out clock. The QB dashed across field, between LBs and made the historic, ESPN highlight worthy play.

Oscar Teal of DE State had a monster game vs. NDSU. His 16 catches for 267 yards broke records and vaulted him into 1st round WR consideration by many scouts. Although not a burner, the physical WR separates well and outjumps everyone else for high catches and vault points.

Defensive Legends

The SEC is known for its defensive prowess and stars but the Pac-12 has the nation’s best interior players in DTs Lindsey Nicks (USC, son of Hardy Nicks) and Patrick Donald (WA State). Both players are known for their ability to stuff the run and both defenses are led by their sheer energy. The DTs both attended Stokely Carmichael High School of Los Angles’s inner city neighborhood and remain close friends.

Landon Fuller (Illinois, MLB) stamped his ticket to the NFL with a gritty game vs. Michigan State. The stud was everywhere on the field accounting for 19 tackles, 5 TFL and a FF. Although his team lost, the scouts came away impressed with his ability to diagnose plays and glide through traffic.

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