A poem about haters…

Slick ass haters leave their stuff in your crib and it takes a full confession.

THINK they slick asshaters leave hickeys on your neck withOUT your permission.

Showing up unannounced? Thats them ol’ Poppin Up ass haters and

Wanna Be Thug haters will mean mug your mutual friends like they gon make somebody bounce.

Worsome ass haters are the ones that call 6-7x when they could’ve sent a text message.

Original haters report folks’ actions, ALWAYS in some mess and

“Pssst…lemme see your answers.”? That’s them Cheating Ass hatas.

Lie about y’all broke up? Trifling haters.

Hold up. When somebody #sickAF mention shit and you get mad because it’s too close to what YOU do? You a BITCH-mouth hater whether you a girl or dude.

Gotta get somebody drunk or drugged just to fuck?That’s a Need-to-be-locked-up hater so the boys, in the tank, can get their booty, make them suck.

Jealous haters don’t like you because you’re “too pretty”, “think you too cool” or “doing too much”

The WORST kind of hater doesn’t take care of their kids and leaves a family crippled or stuck.

Spot somebody younger than you, rims and shit, you start thinking “Bet they family got money” then you a Paper Chasing hater.

An Iffy hater says they’ll do your hair later but texts with “Not today *insert wack excuse* so they’ll do it later.

I don’t know what to call haters that talk down on boys that rap just because they attended the same school BUT if you beat your girl anything like Ike Turner in What’s Love Got To Do With It? or them white dudes in LifeTime movies? YOU another Need-to-be-locked-up hater but don’t worry, it’s plenty of boys, in the tank, looking for fresh booty, I mean a new roomie.

Haters, haters and more haters. I could call some out but it wouldn’t give us a shortage or drought.

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