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SuckaFree Week 8: Get over dat HUUUUMP in the season.

Finally, the HUMP has arrived in SuckaFree and it comes at the right time. Things have gotten a bit slow and boys are either focused on dethroning Pickens (The dude is the current 3x champ so you GOTTA take it from him or hope he falls before meeting you. *shrugs*) OR just trying to reach some “inner goal”. (ME! I’m trying to reach an inner goal but I can’t share what on this post. Users be hating!) In OTHER news, the Commissioners made da lil handicapped homie an administrator of the league. *bangs chest* Nope, I didn’t request such power but with the blog kinda sorta taking off and my attention to beef, games, etc. they slid it to me and didn’t even give me a heads up. With my newfound power, I plan to represent nothing. Not a damn thing. I mean, I got some ideas for Madden 21 but really, all my stuff will be about making this story of the league POP. *makes muscle*

Writing about the winners and losers of user games is cool beans, fun, all that but sometimes, ya boi wanna mix things up. It’s only 2 user games all week so I figured this week, I’d do previews instead reviews.

BigPrin’s Rams go to SF to meet Bowman’s 49ers in their divisional matchup.

In a major divisional rivalry, BigPrin takes on Bowman. The two users play each other twice every year but BigPrin has pretty much controlled the series since his arrival. How he does with suspect QBs is tough until you see his speed at RB. This year, he added Shawn Rossum (championship WR from ATL) and diversified his TE group. On the other side of the field, Bowman prepped his team to better play the Rams. He added superstar OLB Q. Huntington from the hard hitting Jets (the defense had led SuckaFree in forced fumbles for three consecutive years), drafted speedy TE Vaughn Lynch and versatile defender D. Ward. The matchup is set up to be a slobberknocker.

Rams 24 – 49ers 17

Latpack brings SuckaFree’s #2 scoring offense vs. the league’s #3 defense! (Irresistible force vs. Immovable object!)

These two bring certified star to the field this week in an ultimate matchup of offense (Latpack) vs. defense (Funky). The Buccaneers have proven a rich ability to move the rock on anybody and EVERYBODY. Their only losses are to Tier 1 players with the strong stick skills. Latpack passes, runs and even takes KO to the house. His offense is multi-faceted with strong WRs (Big and Macklin), strong RBs (Okoye and Dunn) and his QB (Noah Sylvan) can pull triggers like the Wild West. Funky boasts playmakers all over the field in aging QB (P. Mahomes) and veteran RB (L. Pittman) but the defense is where he hangs his hat with dominant edge players (Acosta and Fitzgerald) and a secondary built around the North’s Deion Sanders in CB Jimmy Fitzpatrick. Users are all sitting tight looking to see who wins.

Latpack 28 vs. Funky 24

Terrell Price, Slot CB, 6’0, 190lbs, Texas

Price has several strengths, his length, build, attitude and short memory. In UT’s close defeat of Oklahoma at the Red River Rivalry, Price was torched for 2 long TDs by looking in the backfield. He atoned for his mistake with timely pass breakups in the 4th quarter and Lincoln Riley directed his offense to pick on the senior from Norman, OK.

DeMarcus Elam, Run stopping OLB, 6’1, 230lbs, Oklahoma

Elam showed his frustration over gameplanning and his illegal hit on Texas TE David Shaw II ended his game in the 3rd quarter. It was too bad because the redshirt Jr. was having a heckuva game with 13 tackles and a FF before his exit. His team would lose 31-29 after UT forced runs towards his backup and salted the game away.

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