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SuckaFree: Week 9 and NEW Commish on the line…

The following post is related to the Madden 20 game on PS4. In the game, humans (users) can take over any of the 32 NFL teams and trade players, pick up free agents, switch coaches and draft the incoming rookies. Our particular league is called THE SuckaFree league because well, we pride ourselves on NO SUCKA SHIT like cheezing the computer for easy wins, cheating users for easier wins, UNrealistic trades and other wack shit like moving stable NFL franchises to London/Utah. It is the year 2029, it’s Week 9 and we’ll start with…

BigPrin blows out Bowman in a sloppy game of turnovers

Daaaaaaaawg. *straight face* I’m talking 10 turnovers between the two users in this naaaasty contest. BigPrin used his two sophomore RBs like an ol school 1-2 punch that makes you wonder why he ever felt the need to toss the pigskin. Middlebrooks hit 150 and 3 TDs and his backup, M. Spriggs, exploded for another 85 and a robust 10yd average. Dak Prescott struggled throwing the rock and his 3 INTs remind fans that their season rests on his poor recognition skills. All that negativity about Dak Prescot, Baker Mayfield was worse. Much worse. *duck face* The veteran, former Super Bowl MVP, again stepped into the national spotlight, division lead on the table, team strong and fell flat on his nose. It started with the national anthem. Baker is known for kneeling with teammates but his Twitter feud with Javier Prather (over the Big-12’s decision to play only conference games) led to several cameras catching him eye-rolling and mouthing “Fuck you” during the anthem. That led to veteran wide out Dante Pettus accusing him of “chasing his brand again and worried bout the wrong things”. Baker Mayfield threw 3 INTs and fumbled the ball three times (twice on hits by Prather). Six turnovers for one individual. His poor play never allowed Bowman to get into rhythm and BigPrin celebrated with a division lead.

Latpack uses the run to beat Funky

Latpack has listened to the rumblings. For two years, his vaulted offense has wrecked dudes in the regular season but in the playoffs, pressure mounting, blitzes unknown, his QB struggles and the games aren’t close. In a matchup vs. SuckaFree’s most consistent defense, and #3 this year, he leaned on his running game. The RBs ALL responded as three had individual runs of 45+ yards. With the dominant running effort, the Buccaneers were never forced to put their QB Nathan Sylvan in obvious passing situations. All game, he simply handed the ball off to anyone in the backfield and watched them gallop for yards. The Buffalo defenders were often confused about assignments and their coaches looked shocked at Tamba Bay’s continual ground assault.

Ant Joh’s beloved Jets go down south to tangle with Latpack’s Buccaneers (prediction)

In a matchup of offense vs. offense, we’re fully expecting a light show. The Jets are known for FFs and future HOF SS Jamal Adams is the reason why. For three years straight, the safety has 10+ Forced Fumbles. Jet defenders are boosted by his violent play and often seek head-shots, accept penalties for excessive roughness and give up big plays in exchange for the highlight hits. Latpack has shown a sincere appreciation for the run game and his proven ability to user catch will make every pass attempt a clash of stick skills.

Buccaneers 44 vs. Jets 42

Players looking to improve their draft stock…

Stewart Black, #1 Agile LT, 6’6, 310lbs, Tennessee

The Volunteer LT is hoping to remain the nation’s #1 prospect along the O-line. The Tennessee program has not bounced back since the days of Phillip Fulmer and Peyton Manning but Black has started every game since an 18yr walk on freshman. Raised in Mobile, Black was not offered an AL scholarship and chose to walk on at rival TN instead of attending other power-5 programs. The decision has paid off. He earned his scholarship by week 6 of his freshman season and voted team captain.

This cat looking suspect…

Angel Wilcox, Zone CB, 5’9, 215lbs Auburn

Early in the season, Wilcox made spectacular plays in big games. He has been absent the past two weeks with hamstring injuries and many are wondering if he doesn’t want to hurt his stock by playing further. The Tigers has lost their last games without the All-American CB.

Final Thoughts and stuff

*taps mic* Just wanna say, I humbly accept this responsibility and power of Commissioner in SuckaFree. I vow to make this MUG exciting AF and do what needs to be done. I mentioned the podcast, pictures of players, already rolling the blog at a “weekly basis” but I got even BIGGER plans for Madden 21. As for now, I’ll keep low profile and write these stories. I actually wanna write more stuff with it already but I don’t want to step on toes and earn a target on my own back. Ya boi ain’t no punk but I damn sho pick my fights. *flexes at audience and drops mic*

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