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SuckaFree Week 16 in da clip: PLAYOFFS in the chamber…

I ain’t calling out NO names buuuuuuut…

Boys OBVIOUSLY just trying to make it to the playoffs now! When the CPU starts challenging users like THIS, it usually indicates simming. Dudes playing offense only, slanging nothing but MONEY plays and trying wanna win. 🤦🏾‍♂️ I got caught going overboard and forfeited a game later. Earlier this season, basically EVERY season, a few dudes were warned about cheezing and excessively padding stats. Well, a bunch of simming to quickly get through the game produces similar results, excessive stats.

Be careful fellas. Clock is currently holding the LAST AFC playoff so the pressure is there to win but 😎 shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiid, pressure bust pipes.

BIG guns vs. QUIET riot. Rocket’s Eagles vs. Delma’s Lions 🦅🦁

👨🏿‍🏫 I stand corrected. Delma has defeated MULTIPLE users this season. His record proves it! Well, it will be CLASH this weekend when the Eagles soar into Detroit. Both users are run heavy. Both users are crushing CPU squads (Hawk is outta pocket so neither has an in-division, human opponent now). Both have key 4.4 receivers to stretch defenses. The difference will be those damn turnovers. Which QB will throw the INT. Which user will MAKE that momentum-changing, back breaking, force-a-muthatrucka-OUT-their-main-offense play?

Rocket 24     vs.     Delma 14

BIG talker vs. BIG accuser when Ant Joh goes the West coast vs. Bball. 🍻🥂

⚠️🚫🔞 There will be fireworks with THIS user game! Ant Joh is SuckaFree’s biggest swag banger. He has called out the Commish, jeered another OUT the league and regularly sets the 3x champ Pickens on fire. Bball? Called out the Commish for creating and excessively using the nickel mid blitz. Clowned the 3x Champ Pickens for cheating and changing dudes to weird positions. (WE see you users moving WRs to 220lb TEs! 😑) I would pay to see how this shakes out but only if it came with audio! Passing game vs. Running game. Highlight defense vs. Simple defense. Drastically opposite players and styles.

Jets 21    vs.      Raiders 24

The LAST draft, we are getting some GEMS y’all. The draft is deep at WR and CB, two positions that EVERYBODY wants upgrade with cheaper talent.

On offense…

Casey Woods, strong arm QB, 6’2, 230lbs, W. Michigan

Woods is a real success story. The former 5-star recruit lost his scholarship to the  University of Michigan after several failed drug tests. He went to junior college, dealt with demons and returned to football with a clear head and heart. His final 2 seasons at W. Michigan ended with consecutive conference titles and the opportunity to be drafted.

Norman Silas, power RT, 6’4, 299lbs, LSU

Silas is another story of grit and grind. In his lone season playing RT, the undersized technician was All SEC, surrendered 2 sacks and never penalized for false start or holding.

Defense loaded too!

Montel Biddle, power RE, 6’4, 290lbs, South Carolina

Biddle is was the next man up. South Carolina won the NCAA trophy on the strength of a stellar defense. Biddle played a reserve role but knew his time was coming. Although not the record setting unit of a year ago, the Gamecocks were fierce enough and Montel was the leader. He is the ideal DE for a 3-4 team.

Adrick Crowder, man CB, 6’0, 180lbs, Virginia

Crowder is risky pick because of his options and goals. Virginia plays a fast 43 style and with 2 1st round talent DEs, QBs don’t have time to pick apart the passing game. Crowder, already accepted to Baylor School of Medicine for Neurological Studies, wants to give football 8 years. Then, he’s off to save the world, one brain cell at a time.

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