Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude: Fall Semester, Week 2

I promised myself that I would do better this week. I told myself that I would rise early, knock out my yoga/meditation/exercise and be ready when dem kids came stumbling downstairs. I did NOT. Nope. Did I even try? Not really. I thought about getting up every morning but laid there until I heard them. *sigh* I think I’m improving but probably not. I did feel good most mornings and that was a win. Monday? Monday was not good and may be the most significant culprit slowing my getting up. I’m out of vitamins, haven’t been hydrating and it is screwing up my energy levels. (I still got freaking Progressive Multiple Sclerosis so energy is a big deal.) That will on the priority list for next week, hydrating to maximize what I can.


They are struggling with the start time. It didn’t get any better with week two. What is cute, maybe crazy, is that kid #3 is downstairs earlier than necessary. She is on the couch, watching ABC13 news and waiting on me. I’m good with that but she must be prodded and constantly reminded and actually start her work. Nobody eats breakfast at all. I grab fruit but the kids skip it for the extra Zzzz’s. That was the M.O. in the Spring semester tho. Everybody skipped breakfast unless Principal Mommy cooked breakfast.

The actual WORK

The work WORK is going. The kids have assignments galore and there isn’t much down time. I can tell that they’re rushing, skipping crucial elements, hiding from cameras and ducking any sort of scheduled meetings/tutorials with teachers. *rolls eyes* Y’all too? (That is why I started mycow – Managing Your Child’s Online Work, to help parents RECLAIM THEIR TIME!) Anyway, that is the details of my daily interaction with them. I’m checking, asking, demanding, threatening, emailing teachers and all that stuff. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Friday. It feels like busywork and drives me nuts that I’m having to do this with my own kids. Got better when I took their logins, pins and easily read their assignments. It also motivated them. They KNEW I was logging in and reading their stuff. I caught my 9th grader doing the least that way. No problem, he redid that work immediately.

I’m NOT cooking soooo…

Grilled cheese sandwiches are the go to here. Ramen noodles are their 2nd favorite. Of course, the team of chil’un prefers the school lunches but since I have MS, no driving. *shrugs* For the life of me, I can’t understand why they enjoy grilled cheese and Ramen noodles so much. Sure, I grubbed on those throughout college but I was broke. Dem kids. aka students, have options! Leftovers from the previous dinner. MEAT sandwiches. Noooooo. These kids want the low budget options and I ain’t tripping. For snacks, we do fruit, peaches, bananas, blueberries, oranges, all kinds of fruit. We aren’t ballers so fruit is on good days. Sometimes, we on that applesauce, chips, quick FRESH fries, too.

Yoga & P.E.

bullyjuice – our YouTube workout video person

We meditate, yoga and grind out a 20min bullyjuice workout. I really need to quit this mess in the afternoon but the kids love when I try. It is turning into our bonding time as we joke and push each other. My youngest child sees this activity as the best part of the day. My son sees it as the worst.

The end of the day means

This is MY favorite part of the day. Clean up. My eldest has graduated but we hold feet to fire under this roof. *winks* She made a deal with her siblings that they do kitchen and other duties when she schools or works. On her OFF days, she would do it all. It’s actually a pretty sweet collaboration. I don’t attempt to intervene either. Long as chores and clean up are done in the proper manner!

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