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Suckafree 2021: 1-on-1 with coach Rocket of the Cleveland Browns

Yooo!! We’re getting closer to the start of the SuckaFree connected franchise on PS4. At this point, thangs are juuuuust about set. 13 users = teams, fingers crossed that 3 more are allowed to join and kinda even out divisions. The league has granted permission for the original blogger and historian (King MuthaFugga) to interview select user coaches and discuss a wide array of subjects.

The first interview of the season goes to Rocket of the Cleveland Browns. He entered SuckaFree with the mission of defeating Pickens and although he came close, he couldn’t pull it off. Last season, all of that was done despite a late entry. He took over a strong Philadelphia Eagles team and never missed the playoffs once he sat down. Rocket’s season was definitely sucessful. He started with a double digit win streak and only fell once he got to the playoffs. Rocket even knocked down known SuckaFree bullies Hawk and Kaso but never put together a magical playoff run to any Superbowl. He returns as another strong AF squad and appears chomping at the bit to finish his mission and earn a title.

from L–>R: Nick Chubb (RB), Myles Garrett (DE) and Odell Beckham (WR)

How do you feel about the X-factors? Is anything overrated?

The X-factors were a cool addition to the game but I didn’t see anything “overpowered”. Yeah, I enjoyed the HB having an extra 4 WR routes but that isn’t part of my game so it didn’t help us.

How do you feel about your team? Strengths? Weaknesses?

The strength is offense. We have studs at WR, TE, RB and fixed the offensive line up a bit. On that side of things, it’s on our QB Baker Mayfield to make the correct reads, get the ball out and feed the playmakers. The defense is rocked up but needs time and experience. We’re a high pressure defense and I dig man coverages so I’m loving our secondary’s potential to be great.

Does it bother you that Kaso won 3 rings with the same squad on Madden?

WHO TF IS A KASO? Look, I don’t mean NO disrespect but naw. Nope. None at all. I’ll get 5 this squad and won’t need Lamar Jackson to do any of it.

Who are the most important players on your team?

Baker. Without a doubt, it’s on the QB. I know GAH DAMN WELL my defense will do what it is supposed to do. I have faith in my CBs to shut down WRs. Grant Delpit, rookie S from LSU, is ready to scrap with RBs and slot dudes.

Baker Mayfield (QB)

The only question on the team is Baker. I’m not trying to have those seasons with a bunch of “Madden moments” where he’s throwing mysterious INTs and fumbling on every 3rd down. I’ll give the rest of SuckaFree a hint tho. Myles Garrett will break the sack record and possibly get fined/suspended for TOO many sacks and illicit QB hits.

What is are offensive and defensive identities?

On offensive, I’m a grinder. I enjoy snatching the soul from other users with a run game built on multiple runners, multiple styles and multiple vaults of energy. Last year, I led SuckaFree in rushing every season I played. That won’t change this season but I do plan to effectively incorporate a pass game once I get some speed at WR. Defensively, I’m a coverage guy and prefer to roam with S to support the run and prevent deep passes. If I had to pick a defense, I start with 3-4 looks and sets.

Is anything noticeably different or hopeful about this year?

The switch from speed defenders to COD (change of direction) fellas. Madden won’t stop my ballhawking or super stick skills with an influence on something else. I make adjustments and overcome all non-sense. I do admit that offense seems to have the upper hand this year. I’m constantly seeing WRs win the catch battles online.

What is your primary focus this FIRST season? Rebuilding, going for it now or just learning and figuring stuff out?

Staying healthy. If my playmakers stay healthy, I’m in championship rounds every season. The offense will move the chains and push the sticks all season. I just need some time to master this defense and it is on.

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