4-star Album Review: Detroit 2 (Big Sean, 2020)

I’ve known about Big Sean for a minute but never really connected to the man, his mission nor his music. Sure, he had some jamming verses on some songs but I can’t really think of any without googling stuff. I didn’t even he was from Detroit! In my eyes, he was just another talented, kinda conscious rapper and I’d rock his music when it came on.

How I started jamming Big Sean…

It started with the series, Twenties. I don’t know HOW to summarize that mug except that it’s about being in your 20s. *shrugs*

In the show, Big Sean plays a low-key, intellectual King that avoids social media and material possessions. I like his character. Dude stay into it with others because he is never “plugged in enough” but he is deep, authentic and real. Anyway, watching that show, my wife mentioned that he is Big Sean and from there I gave his music a chance and caught up his background, issues and potential…..

Bout that album tho? πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

That album was ROCKING. *straight face* I mean it. Even AFTER Nas blew my mindframe and had me rethinking all reviews of music, Big Sean was ROCKING. He brought some beat for trunks (I’m a down South guy so I need a LIL beat). His “technics” were fast enough to make the wife start jigging on a few songs while she cleaned. (ALWAYS a plus when music makes the wife dance/pop!) The wordplay? *stops music*

The wordplays and stories were freaking sincere, honest and painful wrapped in success. I learned the man had a heart disease at an early age but was cured by a holistic doctor and simple magnesium pills. *waiting* You not shocked and amazed by the story?! Well, probably because YOU don’t have an “incurable” autoimmune disease yourself and given up Western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. I did so it touched my soul to hear it in a hip hop song. Miscarriage? He talks about it. Mental illness, depression and wellness are major points of his life and philanthropy. By the time, I finished Detroit 2, I was a Big Sean fan and defending him vs. family and friends!

My Likes of the Album

Track #1 Why Would I Stop? Comes out the gate bouncing, rocking and forcing your head to bob along. The chorus had me hooked and singing all day.

Track #2 Lucky Me This is one of the personal stories of sickness. With it being positioned at #2,, right after a crunk cut, I paid attention to the rest of the album for more tidbits of background.

Track #3 Deep Reverance (feat. Nipsey Hussle) Anything with the late, great Nipsey jamming. This particular track was special because it included more personal details, hearbreak, suicide and that story of miscarriage with Jhene Aiko.

Track #4 Wolves (feat. Post Malone) “The road to hell is paved with good intentions…” Yooo… Post Malone has a tendency for his tracks to sound too similar but this one is riiiight on time.

Track #5 Body Language (feat. Ty Dolla Sign & Jhene Aiko) A pure jam of the pop/hiphop mash style.

Track #6 Story by Dave Chappelle My favorite comedian shares this intimate story of Sean’s fathers and himself. And it’s Dave C. sooooo…. *winks*

Track #10 Guard Your Heart (feat. Anderson .Paak, Earlly Mac & Wale) The chorus is damn near legendary and Anderson .Paak has become one of my preferred artists already. All that prepares you for Wale to do his thing and even represent Black Lives Matter.

Track #13 Full Circle (feat. Key Wane, Diddy) I can’t explain why I like this track so much except that it is jamming, head bobbing and neck moving.

Track #18 Don Life (feat. Lil Wayne) I’m not a big fan of Wayne because he isn’t consistent with his style of speech. I figured Sean would show off on him but it was GOOD Wayne.

Track #19 Friday Night Cypher (feat. Tee Grizzley, Kash Doll, Cash Kidd & Payroll) – WHOA! 9minutes of fire, lyrics, verses, unknown, clout chasing and trying not to be embarrassed on the mic. Ooooo, yeah. It’s a gamble but it paid off.

Track #20 Story by Stevie Wonder – This is Stevie, not Dave. The delivery is waaaaay different but still cool beans.

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