5-star Book Review: Healing Multiple Sclerosis (Ann Boroch,2007)

How I learned about the book!

I was approached by a Sister of the MS’ster a few months ago. Like, honestly, for real, a few months ago. I’m part of a few MS social networks (MS Healthline and MyMSTeam are my favorites!) and of course, I do my thang thang on IG so I’m constantly meeting other MS’ers. On MS Healthline, I met the Sister that introduced me to the book. We kicked it over the app for a bit, she called me and a friendship was BORN. After an hour long initial conversation, she ended things with, “Look Bro. I got a book that absolutely matches your journey towards wellness and normalcy. Can I send it to you?” We haven’t stopped talking SINCE. We text each other, email each other, schedule calls, struggle with MS aaaaand the Philadelphia Eagles. The book exploded our friendship beyond common illness into common goals towards healing. Yooooo. *bows* Thank you Sister of the MS’ster.

Let me get on to the book tho…

Okay. *deep breath* Let me start here, the book was readable. I mean, I understand things as I read and didn’t require an immediate 2nd reading or open dictionary. Don’t get me on a soapbox about the level of difficulty with some “books of healing”. This one, Healing Multiple Sclerosis, made sooo much sense on the first reading that I WANTED to read it again, and again and again. Each time, I see something I missed, something that I will do. Second, the book aligns with all phases of prevention, healing and recovery. It educates readers on the origins of chronic illness and autoimmune diseases. I found myself stopping and thinking intensely about different points of growing up, reflecting and considering circumstances vs. life choices. I finished with a clear and concise way of discussing my diseases. I haven’t wondered a single time, “Maaaaan, why me? Why did I get hit so hard with chronic illness. Three is too much.” Naaaaa. I know WHY I got sick now. I know HOW I got #sickAF now. Thanks to this book. Hell, I even have a method to improve, heal and taking steps towards solving this whole Multiple Sclerosis thing. Thanks to this book!

Healing Multiple Sclerosis outlines the why/how lurking behind autoimmune diseases and chronic illness. All those diagnosed, prognosed with incurable pain and eternal symptoms can find solace in Ann Boroch’s stance that diseases, like ours, are derived from the normal, everyday candida fungus in everybody’s body. Candida. According to her studies, beliefs, practices and personal testimony, some people can’t handle the fungs, Candida. The fungus is in regular sugars, processed foods and other NORMAL AF foodstuffs. It is imperative to understanding the assertions of the book, candida is normal as HECK but some people don’t process it well. As we grow up, NOT dealing with candida well, we have childhoods full of tummy aches, battles with diarrhea, constipation, food allergies, skin “itches”. Next, we share the experiences being bombarded with antibiotics to treat our symptoms BUT nobody knew it was JUST the damn candida. We kept on eating the wrong stuff, feeling worse, losing faith in cures and resolving ourselves to being “sick”. The antibiotics complicated matters by “strengthening” the build up of candida in our bodies. We’re feeling worse, antibiotics making it worse and then; *cue the HIP HOP drum roll* we experience some kind of trauma. It might be a divorce, death, 9-1-1, pregnancy, loss of income, living situations but something TRAUMATIC kicks us pretty hard. With a jacked up diet that feeds our candida. Taking antibiotics and medicines that increase the candida’s overgrowth. Dealing with a traumatic event. All that “negative energy, negative thought, negative diet” leads to Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, cancer, lymphoma and a host of other illnesses. To heal, we must rid the candida overgrowth and address the trauma. Easy stuff huh? *makes a determined face*

How did I know that I was on some kind of “candida-is-bad-for-me” list or whatever? The book has a self-test, 180 is high and cause for possible “candida-is-bad-for-me” adjustments. My score was 330! *mindblown* I fit her storyline of symptoms, issues and trauma. Yeah, I believe her and I’ve decided to heal myself using her 3 steps.

1.) Change your diet to avoid all candida-related foods.

2.) Take an anti-fungus medicine to kill the fungus, candida.

3.) Adopt a lifestyle/mindset that YOU can heal.

Do those steps, you can heal your damn self or at least IMPROVE your damn self.


I started spreading the “gospel of Healing Multiple Sclerosis“! I’ve BEEN on the diet change since March 2017 (my story here) but yup, I’m gonna remix my lifestyle and get rid of this candida overgrowth. I gonna make some money and buy the anti-fungus medicine too. AND ya boi is planning to move OUT the country so he can sincerely, authentically, burn-the-bridges on this entire change-your-environment for healing process. Yup, I’m talking leaving the country for fresher foods, beach views and no more commercials reminding me that I’m sick. (Ocrevus, looking at your $45 THOUSAND pricetage for ONE administration. *duckface*)

The original homegurl and I are planning a non-profit to spread the gospel of Healing Multiple Sclerosis. From our separate viewpoints, across the nation, we have already begun. I’ve drawn up the official draft of the non-profit. She is knocking out a business plan. Our goal is to educate and enlighten others on this candida overgrowth and how to solve it. For the first time in MY life, a book has spurred me into action. 5-stars.

Link to purchase her ebook: Healing Multiple Sclerosis

Link to PREVIEW the documentary, Living Proof. (It’s about a MS’er beating the disease by changing his diet.)

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2 thoughts on “ 5-star Book Review: Healing Multiple Sclerosis (Ann Boroch,2007)”

  1. Kendrick, this is such a wonderful tribute to my friend and colleague, Ann. Most importantly, I am thrilled to learn from Julie that you are fully committed to this healing plan. Being confident in this nutritional journey is half the battle to staying on course. Don’t ever give up!

    1. Wow! *bows* THANKS for the affirmation and energy. I am DEFINITELY committed and will help others too. Helping others is my purpose, telling stories is my passion so this adventure will be epic. πŸ–€πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

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