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On the Eve of the Inaugural Season of allthingsonelove 21…

How We Got Here…

Yooooo. *opens arms wide* Welcome to the FIRST season of the allthingsonelove 21 CFM. You probably wondering, “Dude. Why are you blogging about the Madden video game on PS4? You ain’t got no job? You ain’t chasing no money?” *middle finger* Yup, I gotta J-O-B but the way I see it, a brother is safer in the crib running Madden and living his BEST life than laying in dem streets! *LOL* I mean that IS true but look-a-hea, ya boi been playing Madden since Madden was…. *gets lost in thought* You get it. I’m a part of another CFM called SuckaFree too but I wanted something to call my own. When people start bullshitting, cheezing, skipping, talking greasy, I want to be part of the solution. I wanted to set a few rules because when guys start having 94 speed TEs, 5’11 OR running for 300 yards/game OR keeping the CPU under 50 yards of offense, a playa like myself couldn’t have no fun anymore. I couldn’t develop players, build my team or even grow my coach unless I started doing the same crap.

So, I hit the social media scenes, FB groups, Reddit subgroups, Tweeters and homies. I wrote a post to outline the rules, explain we have a COUNCIL for decisons and made it clear AF that this was a content league. I want to write stories and create masterpiece articles about the coaches, users, games, players and of course, DRAFT. To do it all, these men volunteered to be part of the journey.

Meet the MEN that answered the call…

Hawkeye and the Atlanta Falcons

Why you running with the Falcons?

I usually use the Cowboys but I wanted to diversify my game. I kinda get tired of trading Dak, building around Zeke and pushing for my titles. I needed to build my offense and learn to work with different players, different routes, different timings, all that stuff. I picked the Falcons because some OTHER dude chose the AFC West, got the Chiefs and never even showed up. Commish told me I could have them now but I’ve already set up ATL and I’m not about to restart.

Thoughts on X-Factors

Two years of X-factors and I’m like #meh, #whatever. Yeah, they’re great when they work but if you ask me, they’re not strong enough. I wanted to see some stuff that forced you to play different. These mugs only benefit the people that really know what they’re doing.

How ya feeling about your squad?

I feel straight with the Falcons. Yeah, they’re old but that just means that I win now and reload as I go. Bump all that rebuilding junk. Atlanta has MY kinda offense with a heavy focus on the skill positions. Julio is still beasting, Matty is still ice, Todd ain’t been crushed by EASports and the defense is actually young-ish. I’m ready to bang right now, out the gate and I’ll fix the D as we go.

What is your focus this season?

We’re going to establish our identity. Like I said, no rebuild but I gotta show these cats how to win again. Falcons ain’t been right since that Super Bowl loss to the Patriots and this season, the REAL Falcons still losing leads and games. I”ll fix them up on the lines. Offense and defense lines will be my strength, identity and personality.

CaptainFlu and the Houston Texans

Why you running with the Texans?

Shit, this H-Town is ALL I know. I damn near quit watching football when the Oilers left so I’m hanging on these Texans. Bill O’Brien can GO immediately which is why I signed up as coach instead of owner. I’m still pissed about the Hopkins trade and now we 0-5 too.

Thoughts on X-Factors

I’m not really tripping the X-factors yet. I know Watson has one but I haven’t figured out to use it and that frustrates me but I know it is coming. I will say that E. Elliott of the Cowboys? Maaaan, that falling forward is trash and I gotta figure out to blow up dudes to stop it.

How ya feeling about your squad?

My squad has speed, speed and a lil mo’ speed. I love my WRs because BOTH scare defenses into playing deep. My RBs are cool too but like I said, I gotta relearn some things like the cuts, angles and running lanes. I can see myself throwing to the RBs but first I gotta settle down, establish some rhythm and learn Watson’s game. Weaknesses? Everywhere! I’m not ok with my Dline, LBs or CBs. Texans running some hybrid stuff but I want a defense that attacks the QB with blitzes and pressure packages. I can’t see myself letting boys pick me apart and having all day in the pocket.

What is your focus this season?

Rebuilding because I’m in cap hell. I gotta move OFF JJ Watt, Merciless and you know David Johnson is gone. Matter fact, the only person guaranteed to be here is Watson and the Tackles.

GBG Fetty of the New York Giants

Why you running with the Giants?

*stares at reporter* I AM NEW YORK BABY!

Thoughts on X-Factors

I’m the one who brought up X-Factors to the Commish! How you THINK I feel about them? Matter fact, I don’t need to change my choice back and forth, switch it around, wait a little while, none of that. It’s me and Daniel Jones riding this thing until the wheels fall off.

How ya feeling about your squad?

We got some work to do but everybody got that work to do. Nobody squad is what they want, like, love. Saquan, Daniel and soon the entire squad of users will who Evan Engram is.

What is your focus this season?

Developing those three. What else do we have in New York?

IncreasingGlow79 with the Seattle Seahawks

Why you running with the Seahawks?

Truth be told, I am a New England fan, born, bred, bled till I’m dead. I use New England in other leagues but I’m running with Seattle because of Russell Wilson. The way I see it, if it is not your FAVORITE team, why rebuild? You don’t know that team. You don’t love that team. You are not from there. Why even go there? *shakes head* Whatever to THAT thinking. Seattle has the game’s best QB, fast WRs, couple of RBs and their defense has some HITTERS. That is why I chose the Seahawks. I did not join to be at the bottom.

Thoughts on X-Factors

It’s the whole reason I’m running with this squad! *looks at Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams* On defense, I have the game’s best pieces and ONLY turnover machines. I may not have the D-line to pressure boys but when I touch BOYS…*screams* FUMBLE-ROOOOOOSKI. On offense, guys will be so busy worrying about Russell Wilson that I can drop dimes in DK pockets.

How ya feeling about your squad?

Next question. I’m not giving you or your blog a stinking scouting report on me and the Seahawks. Everybody got the same game bro. Look it up.

What is your focus this season?

Titles. *Herm Edwards voice* HELLO! That’s why we play. To WIN the game.

Levar Chase bringing Joe Burrow and dem Cincy Bengals

Why you running with the Bengals?

Look man, I don’t wanna say that I’m a LOW key Bengals fans buuuuuuuut *checks for snitches* I am probably the textbook definition of a low key Bengals fan. I cheered for them in the Super Bowls vs. the 49ers. #Fail Both times. #EpicFail I remember Stanley Wilson’s highlights and lowlights. #Damn I thought Akili Smith, Oregon Ducks QB, was going to set the NFL on fire. #Who Takeo Spikes is one of my FAVORITE LBs. #NoPlayoffs The hits go on and on. I use the Washington Football Team in another league because the D-line is soooo nasty it’s crazy. The Bengals were just that loveable losers squad. PLUS, if I go Bengals then nobody else can take the overpowered Browns or the sick Lamar Jackson.

Thoughts on X-Factors

I love them. I didn’t play Madden 20 until April or May so by the time I starting learning, the whole league was shutting down and playing Call of Duty. I actually thought X-Factors would finally give video game respect to the technicians and power players. Example, I hoped POWER HB and BLOCKING TEs would finally make an impact. Maaaaaaaan, be for real, ain’t nobody seen power HBs wreck since Tecmo Bowl. Blocking TEs? I mean, at least a blocking TE that makes the correct block? We don’t get that either. The whole pass rush system looks like maybe, just maybe you can finally have DT do anything. We’ll see.

How ya feeling about your squad?

I’m juiced up on my squad but I know better. If I start out fast and furious, I’m keeping the unit together going for it ALL. AJ Green? Yup. If I start out even or lower, I’m trading everybody and they MOMMA. That means Green is the first one out. He ain’t balling in real life either. I have some good pieces except where I actually want good pieces. My O-line has to be the worst of all users. My LBs are the worst. Like I said, it’ll all come down the early season, first 5 or 6 games.

What is your focus this season?

Learning to pass efficiently and effectively. That is whole reason I may be selecting Joe Burrow as my X-Factor. Last year, some QBs had that blitzers-are-highlighted-with-red-circles ability. Shit like THAT, makes Burrow’s noodle arm worth it. I think my run game is ok but it’s based on scheme and flat out ol’ skool power football. On defense, we’re going for the amoeba style. I want to be able to apply pressure with 4 by mixing up the style like a hip hop record. Javin White, ROLB, might be my X-Factor because I want boys to know that I’m priding myself on defense. I want the fastest LB on the game and I chose him for that specific reason. Will it work? I have no idea but I will find out.

Who already in the CFM and what team?

Falcons (HawkeyeDaMan)

Texans (CaptainFlu)

Bengals (ME)

Jets (PalmTreeTone)

Yooo. We’d LOVE to have you rep the…

AFC West (Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Broncos)

NFC North (Lions, Packers, Vikings, Bears)

NFC West (Seahawks, Cardinals, 49ers, Rams)

NFC East (Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Washington)

How to Join witcha BOI

Franchise Name: allthingsonelove 21 (password is blog)

PSN (Homie, we gotta be friends): Levar_Chase

Chat/Talk Apps: GroupMe

Official Start Date: sitting at 5 users and waiting on three more to rep the above conferences.

Disputes, rule changes, etc. handled by the league council.

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