Gratitude Journal, Day #13 – Oct. 12,2020

Why keep a Gratitude Journal at all? (This is the saaaaaame intro for every Gratitude Journal entry. It’s here for the newbies to the journey.)

I try to start everyday with a Grateful heart. *duck face* Potna, I ain’t lying. You can check my IG accounts Queen/King. I get a lil raunchy on the Multiple_Sclerosis_Outlaw but I’m calmer, gentle with allthingsonelove. On both, I start my day sharing Gratitudes, stories of Gratitude and anything related to being Grateful. I’m dead ass serious about my Gratitudes because it keeps me present and accountable for my own energy. I recognize and appreciate the actions, words and energy of others intending me good. By starting my day with Gratitude, I have less MS pain, MS symptoms and MS depression because I’m actively pushing my thoughts towards in a positive direction of Gratitude. My relationships with others are stronger because my Grateful ass notices what others do for me, to me, WITH me. *bows* I could go on and on and on and on about the benefits of being purposefully grateful buuuuuut… *whispers* Pssst, you know I wrote about it…

link to How I Know Gratitude Works!

Why I chose this to start my day…

Because that is me. Really. Real talk SON. I chose this because it describes ME and I made it. Today hurts. Today hurts a lot. It’s not that crippling, I can’t take anymore, nothing is helping pain. Today is just a bunch of shaking, frequent urination (I am going to the RR every 15-20min) and neurosis in the feet. I can handle today. It ain’t the worst by any stretch and my remedies are abundant. What I do NOT want is tripping and giving myself an excuse to be ugly, inside or out. I want to be pretty and sexy. *awkward eye flutter thing* I’ll mess around and flirt with my DAMN self because flirting makes ME feel attractive. I’ve shared with folks that Deion Sanders, Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, Michelle Obama, my PARENTS are my some of my many mentors, idols and philosophers. ONE of them dropped this nugget,

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, you paid good.”

*head bobbing like the quote is a jamming ass song* That is what I need today to get my mind over the pain today. I need to feel sexy, feel cute, feel like somebody would holla at me and the pain is less intense. I don’t know about y’all reading this, if you’re #sickAF or not but I SWEAR I feel better if I feel attractive/fly/gooooooood or any of that stuff.

Aight, about MY Gratitudes!

3.) Generic Triple Antibiotic Ointment! You know you done messed up today. I’m finna bust you with a subject that you probably NOT ready for but WHATEVER homie. I’m giving thanks to the generic, medical ointment because you can buy it anywhere, gas stations, drug stores, Wal-Mart, and it WORKS. I’ve been dealing with boils on my booty for about a decade. I’ve paid for biiiig treatment (Boils are a form a staph infection so they always come back for more. *crying*) but over the past few years I’ve learned that good ol’ simple stuff is just as effective and waaaaaay cheaper. I KEEP some around me and close to the vest for this specific reason, boils. Dawg, dem thangs will become downright beastly within a day. You can’t sit comfortably but give a boil or day or 2, you can lie comfortable either. Don’t let the 2nd and 3rd hit before the 1st one is gone. *duck face* At that point, you playing fire and knew better. Better get your disabled tail and gon spread some on it now while you reading about it.

2.) Cottonelle because I AM spoiled! While we on boils, booty, etc., lemme gon drop another. Cottonelle makes my tushy happy. I will work with whatever toilet paper folks got. (Psssst. I only use like 4 toilets on planet earth.) I know how to adjust, remix my wipe and complete the track in a timely manner. STILL, I sho enjoy the good stuff like Cottonelle. It’s tough being disabled, balancing your disabled ass while wiping your disabled ass, trying to keep the shirt away from said disabled ass because you gotta use one arm to prop yourself against a wall or something. *mock faints* OH. THE HORROR. THE STRUGGLE. Cottonelle makes the entire experience just a little bit “safer” through gentle, quality material.

1.) Got that new charger *eye roll* I’m grateful that cellphone charges are soooo affordable and soooooo many options (I’m being funny by the way, using my mocking-make-fun-of-them voice.) but it is pure greed. The way chargers always seem to break? The little piece that is actually physically inserted into the phone STAY bent, bending, turned or something else. Not you? Okay. How about the “rubber” like stuff around the piece you stick into phone? Does yours seem to get frayed real quick? Any of yours just stop working suddenly? Out the blue? I got one wife, four kids and these things happen on some scale within 6mo, every 2 weeks. GRATEFUL that when mine stopped staying connected (The piece that sticks in, sticks in but it won’t stay. It falls out and feels loose than a mug.) I got a new charger within hours.

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    1. Thanks Todd! Brother, I apologize for taking so long to respond but I could’ve sworn I did waaaaaaay earlier. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

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