Gratitudes for Hump Day, 9/30/2020

Why keep a Gratitude Journal at all?

I try to start everyday with a Grateful heart. *duck face* Potna, I ain’t lying. You can check my IG accounts Queen/King. I get a lil raunchy on the Multiple_Sclerosis_Outlaw but I’m calmer, gentle with allthingsonelove. On both, I start my day sharing Gratitudes, stories of Gratitude and anything related to being Grateful. I’m dead ass serious about my Gratitudes because it keeps me present and accountable for my own energy. I recognize and appreciate the actions, words and energy of others intending me good. By starting my day with Gratitude, I have less MS pain, MS symptoms and MS depression because I’m actively pushing my thoughts towards in a positive direction of Gratitude. My relationships with others are stronger because my Grateful ass notices what others do for me, to me, WITH me. *bows* I could go on and on and on and on about the benefits of being purposefully grateful buuuuuut… *whispers* Pssst, you know I wrote about it…

link to How I Know Gratitude Works!

Why I chose THIS meme to pop off the day…

I’m in the process of improving my vocabulary to match my energy. What that means is, I’m teaching myself to use positive language instead the usual street slang and sarcastic terms of endearment. One of the NEW terms is calling my people Kings/Queens or Sisters/Brothers. I don’t want to identify folks beyond that. Sure, there are enemies and I will call them such (Shhhhhhiiiiiiiiid, I’m human AF. I get mad too. *folds arms*) but I’ll save that language, energy, wall for THOSE individuals. On a common theme, ya boi should be speaking love, Gratitude, Attitude, Passion into existence. Sooo; today, my Attitude is on that royal thang. I’m a KING and I’m gon act like it.

my attitude for 9/30/2020

It’s a HUMP Day but that has nothing to do with why I’m up. πŸ˜‰ Y’all wanna get GOING today orrrrr sleep a lil bit more? my bad homie WELL, catch up later and bring your own Gratitudes! I’m dropping three and jumping in a hot, sensational cup of tea. Slow sipping on tea soothes my soul and forces me to slow TF down. I do not want to burn my tongue but I gotta get stuff done so this is my coffee, my therapist and coach. *winks*

3.) I found BOTH my favorite pens yesterday, Pentel RSVP and Pilot precise fountain pen. It was a close call to a complete PANIC attack for some reason but shrugs Hey, THAT is life with PPMS. I’m grateful I found em, wrote gorgeous notes and know where they are today. βœ’

2.) raises roof Yoo. I have ALKALINE WATER!! Let me get my healing on today. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

1.) sniff It was so cool watching my Fam deliver home-made lunches to the community center! GREAT job to the Queen of the team! You GO Gurl! πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ΈπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

Glow #Grow #GratefulAF

Next entry, 10/1

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