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I rock and roll by myself a lot. I roll with the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, pain, digestion, muscle spasms, incontinence, breathing. (DUDE. πŸ˜‘ There are a LOT of freaking MS symptoms.) I rock the living grace out of my Melanin skin, kind of a I’m-black-and-I’m-proud-thing. All of this is done while at the CRIB. Homebound and wheelchair’ed up since 2019, I rock and roll by myself a LOT.

I tell anybody and everybody, “social media ain’t ALL bad.” In my self help ebook, If you can’t GET better, BE better (available on Amazon AND my shop), I discuss how social media rinsed my thinking by filling my circle with people like ME. Chapter 6 outlines the effect of this phenomenon. Rather than wallow in my own doubts, fears, handicaps and impending physical degeneration, I celebrated my successes with folks who had been through similar situations or struggling and refused to quit. I’ve met some truly amazing survivors through my blog, books, IG, FB groups, social media Gratitude Challenges and Multiple Sclerosis themed social apps. Now, I’m ready to take the next step towards helping others and start something positive.

Be Proud of Yourself

The positive, transformative effects of hearing affirmations are long, storied and littered throughout all human cultures. My own journey is full of such experiences. I changed my diet, stopped smoking cigars, developed a DAILY yoga/workout routine, started meditating and a host of other positive changes. The entire time, I wished for more support. Yes, my Fam & friends got my back. *rolls eyes* Of course, they wanted me to succeed. *sighs* But cheering me from the sideline and walking on the field, strapped up with me are two, VERY different, things. It was serious enough that I would actually Google “black men meditating groups”, “groups for brothers that don’t eat meat” or “black and handicapped FB”. Laugh all you want but my point is clear, I needed help from people that look like me, felt like me, GROWING like me.

“Dawg. I’m proud AF of YOU for that shit. *hard nod* Real talk homie. That’s some good shit.”

Example of talk between a potna and I.

So, my potnas put some meat on the pit and I popped up with beer. “Meat-on-the-pit” is black folks’ code for a small, impromptu BBQ gathering by invite ONLY πŸ˜›. While there, the conversation turned to our physical shape, size, activity level and I was the only Daddy doing well. Here I am, progressive MS, handicapped, basically #sickAF and yet, despite all that, I was doing GREAT compared to them. The energy I felt from them affirmed the changes I was making, the yoga, meditation, teas, smoothies were definitely improving my outer appearance BUT THEIR affirmations, compliments, conversations swoll up my insides. I felt good about ME and my changes. So good, I wanted others to have it too.

Wow! You made it 3 months without meat? GOOD JOB!

Met this person in a FB group!


My goal is to start something that shares affirmations for African American men. I want other African American men, Black men, KINGS to feel the same energy I receive. There are countless support groups for men, weight gain, chronic illness, etc. buuuuuut… *picks up head* Look, those mugs get bogged down with drama, issues, problems, questions, etc. I do NOT want a Q&A group. Naw playa, I’m talking about a group where African American men, Black men, KINGS share why they’re proud of themselves and each other. I want to tell my group how I’m celebrating 365 consecutive days of yoga and hear their thoughts. I want to scroll through messages of OTHER African American men, Black men, KINGS and tell them I’m proud of their accomplishments, fixing the car, cooking for the Fam, finishing a book, solving a kid’s homework. NOTHING but accomplishments and affirmations.

It’s my sincere belief that filling your mind with routines of self-care alleviates stress, evens emotions and strengthens the mind. By sharing affirmations, members are developing those routines. Instead of tripping over what’s due tomorrow, you’re telling a fellow brother, Black man, KING that you’re proud of him for exercising today. You have less time to worry about arguing with your significant other when you have 5 messages waiting, all from other KINGS proud of you for finally seeing the doctor. That is the power I want shared among African American men; AFFIRMATIONS, not complaints, rants or “get it off for my chest” moments.

This journey, this quest, this group is intended for African American men, Black men, KINGS looking for positive reinforcement and routines of gratitude. We are NOT going to cloud the mission of affirming each other, raising each other, acknowledging each other with those bouts of relationship issues, bad kid stories, financial woes and other negativity. No, naw, nope. That negativity is for the other groups. In THIS platform, it’s ALL about sharing why we’re proud and spreading affirmations.

I’m PUMPED on using the free video messaging app, Marco Polo, as the communication platform. Why Marco Polo? Because this group is about affirmations and pride. African American men, Black men, KINGS should show their face, speak with their Melanin when doing this. This is not an opportunity to showcase writing skills, grammar knowledge or a spelling contest. NONE of us need more long ass, sob stories of hardship either. We’re using Marco Polo to hold ourselves accountable to this standard and expectation.

Ready to Start?

Step 1. Download the Marco Polo app.

Step 2. Add Kendrick Avant

Step 3. Marco Polo with me about this Be Proud

Step 4. I add you to the group so you share and affirm other African American men, Black men and KINGS! πŸ–€πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΏ

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  1. Great read fam. I went 40 days without meat and felt better than I had in years. Shit about a week ago I forced myself back into it now feel like crap again, but after reading this one here I know it’s time to go straight ahead. Stay strong fam.

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