Dr. Daddy, Ph.D in Healing using Sexual Energies

Background on the poem!

Dr. Daddy, Ph.D in Healing using Sexual Energies

I am Dr. Daddy, 

Ph.D in Healing using Sexual Energies,

the key to all cures is within my clasp.

I don’t prescribe pills, 


empowering you with

an infectiously grateful &

 authentically positive energy.

Simple sensations of touch,

when placed in proper spots

spontaneously persuade 

the body to go hot.

Masterfully massaging the knots, 

muscles and tissues

addictive and soothing as I whisper,

“I missed you”.

Any types of tingles you feel

are a definite after effect

 of the antibiotic

Elixir of Ecstasy taking effect. 

Each dosage administered orally,

mouth to mouth,

all the while, 

your thighs 


fondling my ears.

An intriguing experience that 


rejuvenates and 

regenerates the body 

of excruciating injuries

and long years

of unwept tears.

Moaning and seizures

indicate successful results


the oral dosage continues 

until my lips are afloat.


When you crave me… 

Flexing sincere encouragement, 

shivering in permission,

will I treat you with an intimate injection.

Sensitive to directions you speak,

we begin soft, 



wetly weak.

But as you become accustomed, 

 the flow will increase.

Pouring a potent portion 

of my profound potion,

pushing your limits to the peak.

Then, sleep.

Sleep, my patient of 

profuse passion.

For I am Dr. Daddy, 

Ph.D in 

Healing using Sexual Energies

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