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Madden 21: New Gorilla Daddy League for PS4/GroupMe

Video Introduction to the Gorilla Daddy League

For hustlers with families

WTF is a Gorilla Daddy?

A Gorilla Daddy is an individual that beats his chest and gets it done for the family. What is IT? Everything and anything homie, bills, QT, dem loud ass kids, putting gas in the car, ducking coronavirus AND finding time to hunt passion and build shit. Gorilla Daddies are busy AF, wanna get on that Madden tough but life…. Take ME for example, I dig this Madden 21. Like, for real FO REAL, I dig it, X-Factors, Superstars, crucial plays, defensive adjustments, zone depth, I like this mug. That being said, I gotta 8a-5p job, tutoring business growing on the side, taking yoga certification courses, looking for a remote or foreign teaching gig, DA BLOG YOU READING, various weekly meetings, writing my novel, AND I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis with NO prescription drugs or healthcare. I’m busy Dawg. When I jump on, let me get that playa made schedule, I don’t wanna hear no bullshit about “Why you not playing?” Easy. 😋I’m a KING and building businesses, lines of income, connecting people is PRIORITY.

What THIS league talking bout then?

We talking bout busting heads and NO names. You home off work and wanna crush the CPU like it shorted your check? Gon den homie. Feeling like your playbook needs work but you don’t have time? Come on with us. Wanna read CRUNK stuff bout your team, coach, players, drafts and trades? Come join us. Looking for a league that actually moves and finishes? Get with us. We like, KNOW each other. We conduct business with each other, promote our hustles and businesses, market each other AND learn, grow, share information, knowledge and wisdom because, well, we married with kids. Even when I advance, I’m chopping and treating users like KINGS.

Rules of the GAHT damn league

I said earlier, sometimes you just wanna smash TF out the CPU. You wanna bend that mug over just BECAUSE. Well, #SaluteMyAssOff bro. Good luck with that. I do it too sometimes and other times because I’m hunting goals for development points. *squints at Flu* We aren’t smashing like that EVERY game but boys lean on the CPU. *shrugs* I know, I know, I know. What about stats? Realism? Blah? Some of it is wrecked. Some of it is fixed by the drama in the blog. If you’re a realism player, this ain’t for you. If you want a league that moves, has drama, we good. You want a BUNCH of user games, betting and shit? DAWG, go find a tournament league.

1. We ONLY trade for guys on the trade block. That means, YOU gotta send a pic showing whoever you chasing is available BEFORE going for him

2. Restarts require a pic showing the issue  homie. We ALL got kids, wives, so shoot that pic.

3. Users get ONE X-Factor of their choice.

4. You may NOT trade FOR CPU draft picks.

5. Games of the week must be recorded and posted. I’ll use those for material and content. YES, you may have a Game of the Week vs the CPU so post that too.

Who in that THANG so far?

I’m in that thang so far. I’m coming as the AZ Cardinals because one reason, Kyler Murray. I’ve never played with a true running QB on Madden. Never. Not even in the heydays and glory years of Vick, nope, give me a pocket passer. D’Boiya Beast (pronounced Da Boi A Beast) is running the show and granted complete authority of player personnel and game decisions. My goal is simple, build a fast defense, emphasis on fast and develop a chain moving offensive philosophy that incorporates Murray’s running ability. The squad is gifted at several positions but that team speed is instrumental to my philosophy.

AZ Defensive PlayMakers

Rookie LOLB Cadyn Truth

I’m coming out the gates and box with Cadyn Truth. In reality, the player is Jalil White but since I’m a father, my son played LB and boom. I got my playmaker choice. That “fastest LB in Madden” sho made the decision easy.

Rookie ROLB Isaiah Simmons

The plan is to develop the two rookie OLBs into pass rushing phenoms. I did something similar with the Washington Football Team in another league. After two years, I had that defense looking naaaasty with Sweat and Young on the outside while those 3 DTs rotated and did their thing inside. With these Cardinals, I don’t have a D-line to hold up the integrity and gap disciplines. Everything will come down to building these cats up on the edges while keeping offenses honest enough to predict the runs.

Baker is the NFL’s highest paid safety

All signs point to this being Jones last year in AZ

In the back end, we’re depending on Baker and a few veterans to drag the youngsters into playing shape. Patrick Peterson is NOT what he once was. I actually think he’d make a better FS but the other CB are soooo wack. I have Byron Murphey on one side and I’m confident with him playing opposite Peterson. Loads of pressure will be on Chandler Jones to scare QBs into mistakes until the LBs grow up.

And on the offensive, you already know…

In the past, I build strong O-lines, focus on TEs and RBs and go from there. My WRs were just speed demons to scare defenses into playing softer coverages and zone set ups. Now, with a for real scrambler, it’s on me to adjust and make this mug work. My RBs are serviceable. My TEs are non-existent. The O-line? LMAO!!! This entire offense and first year is judged on my ability to finally build a passing game on Madden. I have future HOFer Larry and balling D. Hopkins along for the ride to help me learn.

Meet da GD’z of Old

Hawk aka Jaffe Joffer of the Oakland Raiders

Joffer is an offensive mastermind from the coaching tree of Jon Gruden himself. The little known QB coaching guru from North Texas University made the most of his opportunity while in a one year with the Atlanta Falcons that led to a Superbowl victory over the Bengals. Around the league, outlets and sports talk radio took notice that his first move as a head coach was to emulate the strategies of the Bengals defensive plans. Joffer immediately pushed for T. Muse to be his playmaker with plans on upstaging Beast’s same plan. (Beast was the Bengals DC under Anzari T’Challa and several players enjoyed their best professional seasons under his tutelage.) Joffer destroyed Beast in that Superbowl matchup so his decision to bring in that particular coaching element gives the Gorilla Daddy League it’s first storyline. Is Hawk copying the man he defeated for his Madden 21 ring?

Rookie ROLB

Flu aka Bill O’Brien of the Houston Texans

Flu’s decision to run with Bill freaking O’Brien shocked me personally. I don’t know why tho because he runs with O’Brien every year. *duck face* Exactly. He keeps the Texans forever but spends NO time actually investing the squad. He just turns on the game and plays. The decision to X-Factor his TE was a true head scratcher. I mean, true plays his heart out on Sundays in real football buuuuuuut…… *raises eyebrows* It ain’t MY team so I’ll be quiet.

When everyone else zigging, Flu throws in a ZAG

There’s a newcomer (It’s why we restarted but ain’t NO mo’ restarts.)

H-Town aka Doug Pederson of the Philadelphia Eagles

*shaking head* Y’all see what I’m working with? Doug Pederson is being retained by the new Eagles owner. Yes, he won a Superbowl but when you trading your franchise QB, promoting your rookie QB and going with a youth movement, boys usually clean up the coaching staff too. They bring in themselves or some crunk, crazy name. Not DarkKnight. He is a real Eagles fan so much that he keeping his coach on GP. The move at QB is commendable. Wentz is up-N-down but his contract is crippling the team. Knight prefers to run the rock so a running QB fits right in with him.

How to Join witcha BOI

Franchise Name: Gorilla Daddy League (password is GD)

PSN (Homie, we gotta be friends): Levar_Chase

Chat/Talk Apps: GroupMe link to the GD League

Official Start Date: sitting at 4 users, pre-season week 3

Disputes, rule changes, etc. handled by the league council. We don’t really have rules EXCEPT

  4. Dawg, I don’t invite folks. You got the password and name so join. If there is a problem, message me or comment on this post.

Teams Chosen Already:

*start with ONE team per division, then 2, then 3 until all spots are filled*

AZ Cardinals (me so NFC West is closed until all others divisions have ONE user)

Oakland Raiders (HawkeyeDaMan) so AFC West closed until all others divisions have ONE user)

Houston Texans (CaptainFlu) so AFC South closed until all others divisions have ONE user)

Philadelphia Eagles (HtownDarkKnight) so NFC East closed until all others divisions have ONE user)

Open Divisions/Teams Left

*start with ONE team per division, then 2, then 3 until all spots are filled*

NFC North (Bears, Packes, Vikings, Lions)

NFC West (Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals, Rams)

AFC East (Dolphins, Bills, Jets, Patriots)

AFC West (Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, Chargers)

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