Gorilla Daddy League: Oakland Raiders

The following storyline and writing is presented by Hawk: It is NOT my material. I humbly honor and thank the homie for taking time and energy to rock with me on these videogame short stories!

Lead by their veteran QB David Carr and experienced Oline the Raiders have youth and speed at their disposal. They will attack defenses at the line of scrimmage with the ground game lead by 2nd year starter Josh Jacobs.

And when opportunities present itself will take shots down the field with speed at each level. The ex track athlete rookie sensation Henry Riggs III warrants the double team wherever he is on the field. Then you have two other big body receivers Tyrell Williams and TE Darren Waller who should be able to handle one on one match-ups on a consistent basis.

The weak link for this Raiders team is their defense. No names that will blow you away or even scare opposing teams. This defense will have to work together at each level in order to give their offense a rest as well as not have them score on every possession. So Coach Joffer went out and got him a wiley veteran in Earl Thomas in FA.

What Earl has lost in speed he makes up for it with AWR & PRC which is why Joffer named him captain after an impressive offseason workout. Thomas will be used in a multitude of ways: in the box to stop the run, spying the opposing teams versatile QBs and protecting the intermediate routes when blitzing. With this key acquisition the Raiders have added leadership, attitude and a winners(dog) mentality to a defense still learning the ropes.

The Raider fans have longed for their team to be relevant again since the days of John Madden. When teams hated to enter the black hole. It was simple then we just hit you in the mouth for four quarters and beat you into submission. Newly acquired rookie Head Coach Jaffe Joffer named after his great great grandfather of Zamunda has huge shoes to fill. Its in his blood, frequently visiting Zamunda every summer as a youth. Jaffe knows what it means to be a family, to have a willing cooperative attitude to get the job done.

How to Join witcha BOI

Franchise Name: Gorilla Daddy League (password is GD)

PSN (Homie, we gotta be friends): Levar_Chase

Chat/Talk Apps: GroupMe,

Official Start Date: sitting at 4 users, pre-season week 3

Disputes, rule changes, etc. handled by the league council. We don’t really have rules EXCEPT

  4. Dawg, I don’t invite folks. You got the password and name so join. If there is a problem, message me or comment on this post.

Teams Chosen Already:

*start with ONE team per division, then 2, then 3 until all spots are filled*

AZ Cardinals (me so NFC West is closed until all others divisions have ONE user)

Oakland Raiders (HawkeyeDaMan) so AFC West closed until all others divisions have ONE user)

Houston Texans (CaptainFlu) so AFC South closed until all others divisions have ONE user)

Philadelphia Eagles (HtownDarkKnight) so NFC East closed until all others divisions have ONE user)

Open Divisions/Teams Left

*start with ONE team per division, then 2, then 3 until all spots are filled*

NFC North (Bears, Packes, Vikings, Lions)

NFC West (Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals, Rams)

AFC East (Dolphins, Bills, Jets, Patriots)

AFC West (Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, Chargers)

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