Kendrick Avant 4-star Series Review: Soulmates (AMC, 2020)

Official trailer for AMC’s Soulmates

2.) AMC’s Soul Mates πŸ“ΊπŸ“Ί GURL. I am digging this show on AMC so much that the Queen and I spent 2 consecutive nights watching season 1. Hell, when we woke up, we dove RIGHT back in. The premise? Geeeez, I was getting there. πŸ˜‰ Easy because I’m blogging it later. Some company devises a way to find your “soul mate” using some fancy ass, elaborate than a MUG, expensive technique involving blood work, DNA, the whole, invasive shebang of PERSONAL, information. From there, folks are getting divorces before meeting because the system/site/service/company found their soul mates, sacrificing their entire wealth to meet their soul mates and more. It’s crazy interesting and an absolutely HELLACIOUS conversational piece. The wife and I STAY talking, comparing, commenting and acting out scenes and situations from the episodes. I’ll stop there or there won’t be a need for a blog post about it! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

From my Sat. 11/28/2020 Gratitude Journal post

The premise of this series makes it FIRE. People are seriously, religiously paying for their “soulmate” match and it takes off from there. Having problems in your marriage? Bah, gon scoop a soulmate and move on. Feeling lonely? Get you a soulmate. I know what you’re wondering, “But dude, what if it ain’t no match?” There’s an episode for that. “What if they’re in some other country and you broke AF? What then?” There’s an episode for that. What if you change your mind? What if it say’s your soulmate is the same sex? What if, what if, what if? I’m sure that they got those questions coming!

The Cast…

Most of the cast, I’ve seen in other stuff but nobody is a star in my eyes. Maybe Charlie Heaton because he’s been in Stranger Things (Netflix) and the last Marvel movie (New Mutants but it was suuuuuuper wack.) Malin Ackerman usually plays a goofy, pretty girl so her role was different than a mug but I wasn’t impressed.

Our FAVORITE episode because it had everything, drama, action, fights, cockroach races, explosions, and more.
This is the title episode and set the table for everything else. I like it so much, we watched 3 in a row.
This one kinda hit my worst nightmare of it all. Ooooooo…..
We can’t wait for THIS episode because it has a Dexter or You type of vibe.

So far, the worst for us. We STILL don’t OVERstand what the hell happened.

We have ONE episode left to finish the entire season in two days. Yup, it was that good and held our attention. The episodes are UN-related beside the whole premise part and even the flow of situations is not aligned or anything. What I mean is, you can jump in any episode without the need of prior information or needing to see last episode. You get the premise delivered in the opening credits and boom, it is on. The episodes all start kinda slow but usually pick up quickly when the relationship drama angles. The most shocking thing of it all is that the series is on AMC!

Final Grade: B+

  • What’s missing? Nothing! I’m digging the direction and love the “messy” premise.
  • What’s good? What am wiiiiiiiide assortment of relationship types and seriousness!
  • Is it for couples/singles? Probably works best with couples but the situations are interesting enough to watch some solo.
  • How long/how many? 6 episodes total and each is one hour with commercials

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