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Gorilla Daddy League Update: Season 1, week 7

The following is an update of the Gorilla Daddy League for Madden 21 on PS4. TWO pieces are written by fellow users and now contributors, Hawkeye of the Raiders and VeranoSwag42 of the Ravens. BOTH pieces will be highlighted to accentuate their individual points of views on the season and their teams.

BIG LOVE to the users that are sending in their own opinions of the season.

Dude. We made it. *bells and whistles* It’s Week 7 of the Gorilla Daddy League, things are heating up, users cheezing like a MUTHAFUGGA besides Flu (πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ at Ravens), commissioners skipping other commissioners without a heads up… I mean, this mug POPPING like a legit, league huh? OH SNAP! I forgot to mention that we now have TWO users dropping their own storylines and stuff. I love that kind of energy! S/O to the Ravens and Raiders!!!

GDL best record (so far) according to the CPU.

The Falcons holding on to the TOP spot in the CPU “power rankings” is beyond me! πŸ€”πŸ™„ The Raiders have taken this Gorilla Daddy League so serious that everyone else is damn near ashamed. They have the 2nd spot AND submitting their OWN stories AND encouraging faster play on the users AND co-commish Autumn Wind is advancing the league without giving a heads up to OTHER commissioners! πŸŽ€πŸŽ™ DAAAAAAAAAMN! *slow head nod* Yup, it’s getting real in the Madden Field and I bout it. Leagues move better when there’s a little drama, some action and shit.

Around the League of GDz

I’ll make a visit to a few select users for season headlines, coaches’ interviews and that good ol’ beef.

NFC West

Coach Beast missed two consecutive games under league quarantine rules. The rookie HNIC complicated the situation by making a trip to Belize to open 3 free-to-the-public schools. “As much as I wanted to follow guidelines, be a good soldier, I HAD to do this. My players felt confident, I Zoomed with my coordinators & coaches. We got it done. It felt great playing Cowboys, being out there again but I’m NOT enjoying how pass heavy the offense is. *stares at Kyler Murray*

NFC East

Embattled Coach Peterson continues to struggle with the Eagles. His QB J. Hurts isn’t throwing well, the RBs are missing open lanes and their might defense is at the bottom of barrel giving up 69 to the Ravens.

NFC South

Without a user coach IN conference, the Falcons are flying high!

NFC North

Coach Brazao is rolling up nawf. (Country word for ‘north’. πŸ˜‹) The Vikings are playing sound, respectful football, beat the user Texans and flat out balling. User RsB is playing on BOTH sides evidenced by his balanced offensive and defensive stats. Cats like this are the sneaky, GOOD ASS, stick skill abusing, film watching, got more than cheese in their playbook type of gamer. They “work on their game” when playing CPU opponents instead of running a Tecmo Bowl playbook and cheezing for incredible stats. Welcome to the league bro. *tips hat*


YOO! We should NOT have 2 users in ONE conference. Since the Vikings are more consistent, we’ll need the Packers Chungus to move his talents to the NFC South. (Maybe TB since he likes ESTABLISHED QBs? BIG apologies bro. I should have caught that upon your invite and entry.


Lead by their veteran QB David Carr and experienced Oline the Raiders have youth and speed at their disposal. They will attack defenses at the line of scrimmage with the ground game lead by 2nd year starter Josh Jacobs. And when opportunities present itself will take shots down the field with speed at each level. The ex track athlete rookie sensation Henry Riggs III warrants the double team wherever he is on the field. Then you have two other big body receivers Tyrell Williams and TE Darren Waller who should be able to handle one on one match-ups on a consistent basis. The weak link for this Raiders team is their defense. No names that will blow you away or even scare opposing teams. This defense will have to work together at each level in order to give their offense a rest as well as not have them score on every possession. So Coach Joffer went out and got him a wiley veteran in Earl
Thomas in FA. What Earl has lost in speed he makes up for it with AWR & PRC which is why Joffer named him captain after an impressive offseason workout. Thomas will be used in a multitude of ways: in the box to stop the run, spying the opposing teams versatile QBs and protecting the intermediate routes when blitzing. With this key acquisition the Raiders have added leadership, attitude and a winners(dog) mentality to a defense still learning the ropes.

The Raider fans have longed for their team to be relevant again since the days of John Madden. When teams hated to enter the black hole. It was simple then we just hit you in the mouth for four quarters and beat you into submission. Newly acquired rookie Head Coach Jaffe Joffer named after his great great grandfather of Zamunda has huge shoes to fill. Its in his blood, frequently visiting Zamunda every summer as a youth. Jaffe knows what it means to be a family, to have a willing cooperative attitude to get the job done.

The Raiders go undefeated in the month of September behind a heavy dose of Josh Jacobs(5.6AVG & 10TD) who recently was upgraded to a superstar xfactor. Derrick Carr is completing over 75% of his passes and averaging less than 300 yds per game. “We definitely want to eliminate the turnovers 5 in 4 games is not a good look for your franchise QB” as Coach Joffer echoes during a post game interview. The Raiders are +2 in turnover margins which is a good sign for Coach Joffer young inexperienced defense. Recently added to the trade block Terrell Williams might be a sign to involve more of their young wide outs into the gameplan and possibly add some more talent to their defense(LBs or Dline)

AFC East

The Bills are leading buuuuuuuuuuut….. *duck face* Nobody know who TF they are except their homie, RsB. The user ain’t played a game yet, don’t contribute much of anything in GroupMe chat except the “too busy to play” texts and well…. I’ll just be quiet. The LAST Bills user was removed for being MIA so maybe the squad is cursed. *scary music*

AFC South

Look at the mighty TEXANS. The team hasn’t missed a beat after firing Bill O’Brien before their opening game. McDougald’s offense is a masterpiece of cheese at the highest levels. With a concentrated focus on Watson AND veteran, speedsters at WRs, there is nothing defenses have done to slow them. Then along came user RsB and a strong, Vikings defense.


Week 4 the ravens found themselves in absolute dogfight in DC as they took on WFT. Both offenses were sluggish and sloppy for most of the first half, struggling to gain a single first down between the two of them. That is until, Lamar Jackson showed why he is the reigning MVP and Madden Cover athlete. In the second quarter, Jackson took a read option on an incredible 64 yard scamper to the house to open up scoring. (I have that video of the run). 7After a Washington touchdown, a pair of Raven touchdowns and two WFT field goals, the score was 21 to 13 late in the 4th quarter with the Ravens driving and ticking time off the clock. Third down on Washington’s 15 yard line, Lamar threw over the middle intended for Duverney it to have the pass undercut by rookie Chase Young coming from his defensive end spot for the clutch INT.

Coach Summers couldn’t hold it in. The 69-14 thrashing of an auto’ed Eagles team was symbolic. It showed the REST of the Gorilla Daddy League that he wasn’t some wholesome, play it right, REAL like stats kinda guy. Naaaaaaaah DAWG. 69-14? Yup, you can get crazy too huh? “Dude. If a team is on AUTO, I’m busting ass, grabbing stats and getting Lamar Jackson more traits.”

Lamar actually SPLIT the FREAKING 4 defenders to SCORE on this play!

Game of the Week in this MUTHAFUGGA

WILL it be played? We’ll see. The Packers are encouraged to go to the South but I get it tho. I can already hear the chorus of users… “Yo Commish. Let the Packers & Viking duke it out like in real life football. It’s cool beans.” *shrugs* Whatever. The Council of Commissioners will vote on it and I’m good either way.

LAST Game of the Week

Vikings (RSB) defeat the Texans (Flu)

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