Gorilla Daddy League: Minnesota Vikings & Coach Brazao

Making my way around the league and chopping with coaches about the elements of Madden 21, how they’re adjusting and adapting to the game and what’s up on the season. I started with my FAVORITE, Coach D’Boiya Beast and the Arizona Cardinals. (I mean, it’s obvious he’s my favorite huh? 🤣😂🤣) Made it out the West and saw those Raiders in Vegas. *whistles* Yoo… Davis got something special in that Coach Joffer from Zamunda. NOW, I’m heading up nawf to interview a newbie. Coach Rano Brazao of the Minnesota Vikings.

Year One, Coaching Interviews:

*shakes hands* So, what’s good bro. Where you from? Whatcha do? You got kids?

I am from a twin island call Trinidad and Tobago last island in south of the caribbean, did construction for a living more specifically (dry wall and ceiling) I also have a couple other business too, I am not married but I have been in a relationship for a while it feels like we are married I even call her my wife, no kids yet soon but not yet gotta grind a little more to give them a better life than I had.

Shhhhiiii. King, I know a little about Trinidad and Tobago. Matter fact, I’m planning on moving on Belize or Mexico permanently in the summer of 21 if I get all my shit lined up. First, Trinidad and Tobago are on our official visitation list, there, Panama, Ecuador and Columbia are on the dream list of spots to check out before making a final decision. Aight, so how do you feel about your squad? Minnesota is STACKED.

I feel pretty confident about my team. I had to make a few adjustments to my team to get it where I want it invest for the long term, you know what I mean. The strengths of the is defense we can adjust on the fly learn from the last play and stop it. The main weakness is speed we don’t have alot of it and everyone knows speed kills, I made moves to help with that so we will just have to wait and see if it worked.

That’s what’s up. I can dig it although I think your defense is fast enough! Who are your playmakers then?

The most important player on my offense is Dalvin Cook, my offense lives through him. When he gets going he makes it easier for my young inexperienced QB. He is our rock and he anchor our offense. The most important player on my defense is Danielle Hunter, he’s the man up front he is the one that will be having QBs up at that for years to come. Every time they close their eyes he is all they will be see. I know he isn’t having a great season right now but, I know his potential and that why our defense is under performing. I need to get him going and make life easier for my CBs.

Humph. I see ya. Most users start with a fly RB or QB too. That DE Hunter has been beasting for a minute. How do you plan on accentuating your philosophy with the star players and Superstars.

The identity of my offense is to mix it up running and pass. We don’t cheese, we don’t need to we play hard we fight for every yard and don’t think you have us figured out cause we will catch you sleeping. My offensive coordinator reads defense like a book he will find your weakness. We don’t care about stat that doesn’t get you a ring, once there is a W in the results column that’s all that matters. My defensive identity is ummm 🤔🤔 we doesn’t really have one 🤦 if I am keeping it 💯 we play to stop everything run, pass, trick plays you name it, we going to stop it we will adapt to the problem. We watch film we do our homework. We take whatever the offense giving us let that makes our identity for that match. We live for the dog fights when the games on the line, when the man have to step up and boys have to sit and watch and will see our entire team stand.

*toasts* Yooo. I like THAT kind of thinking.

My focus the off-season is to build through the draft. Have some player I have my sight on right now I am not going to name them or the position I don’t need anyone stealing them up under me. Free agency side not going to do much not because I don’t want to but because I can’t I am in a lot of salary dept with the Kyle Rudolph and mainly Kirk Cousins and his terrible contract. At the end of the day my made that decision I knew the consequences and I have no regrets.

What about those X-Factors tho? Whatcha thinking about ’em?

I have never really been worried about x factor as it being like a incredible difference maker. You have to get stuff done on the field to get it activated and if you good enough on defense and offense you can stop your opponent from getting theirs active. The superstar abilities on the other hand certain ones can be OP and it’s always active all match long it can be a problem but it all comes down to user skills if you good with the sticks you won’t have a problem.

I added CB Jeff Gladney as my X factor. Why? He’s a young stud that could lockdown any WR on the field. He has incredible vision a nice mix of speed and athleticism. He’s always trying to make a play. I also needed to strengthen that position on the field, it was was perfect for me .

You cool beans with importing this first draft class? I know some users complain because every league is importing the same classes.

I prefer imported draft classes once it’s no BS like 99 overalls and and stuff like that, if it’s realistic I am cool with it you don’t see rookies coming out of college and being 80’s so I don’t expect it in the draft develop your players. Make them the best they can be put work into your team. That’s how I prefer it.

Got any thoughts? Anything you wanna say the other 7 user coaches?

I am super competitive my goal for the season is to win it all. I could have a 70 overall team I am still going to try to win it all with them that’s just how I am. I am not rebuild I did make some questionable decide like trading away veteran QB and TE Cousins and Rudolph that was to make sure that we don’t just stay competitive for just one or two seasons but for a longer period of time. We got back picks and two solid CBs in return. When I took over my team they were 1-1 I changed there system, the playbook on defense and offense we had the 2-0 kick you in throat Titans to play it wasn’t easy to get them ready for the match but we did it came out with the W.

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