Gorilla Daddy League: Baltimore Ravens & Coach Summers

Back at it for coaching interview #4. Coach Summers of Baltimore Ravens.

Year One, Coaching Interviews:

*gives bro hug* S’up bro! Good to finally have this sit down with you. You KNOW where I’m going first. How are are the X-Factors working for you? Boyz are all over the map with it but I’m curious about your thoughts.

Personally, I like the x-factors. I think it adds an extra wrinkle during each game that you have to keep in mind. For the most part, there’s really not an xfactor that can completely ruin a game.

I totally agree except for that doggone “read-the-blitz” that Russell Wilson and other scramblers have. Shhheeeeesh. In the Gorilla Daddy League, you get ONE automatic X-Factor player of your choice. Who you pushing?

I’d love to make Devin Duverney a rac em up X-factor. The dude is the epitome of speed + great routes = touchdowns. Watching him develop for four years at the University of Texas was a blessing. He can do big things at the next level with the right scheme.

Understood. I can see the drama already. You’ll have league’s fastest QB, fastest SET of WRs, nasty veteran defense, monster O-line… Nice. How do you feel about your team? Strengths? Weaknesses?

The Ravens have been my secondary team since I was a kid. Second to the Cowboys. I’m excited to get my hands on this team. Lamar Jackson is an underrated passer that can get out of troublesome situations and extend plays with his feet and hurt you with his arm. I’d love to improve the defense. Bring it back to the glory days of Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Ed Reid and Tony Saragusa. Those teams won by controlling the clock and playing great defense.

Know what. I respect that. Playing like the REAL Jackson, building a legendary defense, one cold CB. Anybody else we DON’T know about?

Lamar Jackson, Melvin Ingram and Devin Duverney are my focal points, offensively. Defensively, it’ll be by committee led by Marcus Peters.

Check out his Lamar Jackson highlight juke, acceleration and TD!

So, that’s it huh? What kind of system are hoping for? 3-4? 4-3? Zone, power?

Pound the rock and look for openings in the passing game. You control the clock you control the game. Defensively, it’s a bend but don’t break mentality. Let the offense make mistakes and they will eventually.

What is your focus this FIRST season? Are you rebuilding, going for it now, just learning & figuring stuff out?

My primary focus is to make the playoffs and hopefully make a run at the Super Bowl. We’ll build up in free agency and in the draft at the end of the season.

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