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Gorilla Daddy League: Week 10 of Season One Report

Week 10 and the league is gaining a little traction. Some users are getting MORE into the league, the blog cycle, stories, the whole nine. That is separates the Gorilla Daddy League from OTHER leagues. In the GDL, we cool beans with skipping you. The league was started by 3 grown, married men with kids so the grind of life will jack up your gaming time. That’s why we have THREE commissioners. Sure, three makes it easier to judge and make decision because there is always a clear cut winner by vote. However, multiple commissioners also means the league will advance REGARDLESS of who played. We gotta keep it going because it can get BETTER. I know for a fact that a certain user will STOP cheezing now that his QB has progressed to X-Factor. (It’s probably because THAT user is scared of user games too and know running those simple ass cheeze schemes don’t work on ANY user at all.) *shrugs* I can’t snitch because snitches get stiches.

In the AFC…

IF we comparing the two conferences, the AFC is falling off. The Texans started strong but have cooled down. The Raiders are winning close, big, offense, defense and all around bulding a legit team. The Ravens continue to chop down opponents with a bruising run game and Lamar Jackson highlights. (Coach Summers even has a YouTube channel on Madden! *shaking in my boots*

Buffalo Bills and Coach Jackson (5-3, leading the AFC West)

At this point, the Bills are sliding into a playoff berth based purely on auto wins and skipped games! Upon review, their NON-played are going to be losses. We can’t let kats sneak into the playsoffs like that.

In the NFC…

Things are basically in the same position. Only the Cardinals and Vikings are making an effort as the Eagles have been on auto all season, Buccaneers barely played.

Tamba Bay Buccaneers (3-5, outside looking in right now)

Another candidate for the sims-get-losses award. The Bucs were a recent addition due to an admittance error. Noah C. never should have the Packers and it is definitely a difference between the rosters with talent and age.

Minnesota Vikings TRADE Kirk Cousins!

Cousins was traded for a 4th, 7th and the freedom to chase OTHER players. The Vikings immediately resigned John Ross to a 7 year contract upon trade acceptance.

I can’t believe he did it! Trade a stud video game QB and look to the future? It shocked the league but users ain’t paying attention. This is the kinda move that set your squad up a long run of relevancy and contendership.

After we made the executive decision to trade away Kirk Cousins to go young with Easton Stick, following the terrible lost to the Packers. Coach Brazao made a statement to the young and inexperienced QB saying ” this is unacceptable we didn’t choose you to be great right away. We have a great organization and coaching staff that is going to groom you to be great. All we need from you in to be a game manager and limit the turnovers.” Coach Brazao appeared to be extremely angry at the QB as he continued. ” We want you to be the future of the franchise but you have to show us you want this job. You started 3 games with us since you got here and you threw 4 picks and fumble the ball 4 times. You have till the end of the season to show me that you want this job do what I expect and you will be fine. I didn’t want to say this in front of the world but this is the only way you will know I am serious and lit a fire under you”

Coach Brazao on the trade.

Arizona Cardinal return to the news cycle

The Cardinals have been quiet lately. So quiet, that they were skipped twice in row. Their return to the blog news comes with the elevation of their QB.

Kyler Murray’s Development

Coach Beast and his OC were cooking up Kyler Murray plans all week. The Dolphins came in knowing the focus would be the diminutive signal caller but could nothing to stop the Murray to Isabella connnection. With Hopkins facing double and special zone coverages to stop the slants and in’s, Andy exploded for his 2nd monster outing of the season.

NFL Draft News

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