Gorilla Daddy League: Week 14 update and draft news

Look at EAsports FINALLY giving us something NEW in 2020! We get a playoff bracket. 😑 A doggone playoff bracket? Can’t do nothing cool like erase wins but a playoff bracket. 🤷🏾‍♂️ It is FLY buuuuuuuut…. How bout some BETTER draft stories? Easier ways to develop a CB? Hell, for YEARS, boys been screaming that OL and DTs should be more impactful. We get a playoff bracket. LMAO! Maaaaaaaaan, let’s get into the league news.

AFC Contenders

#2 Ravens

The homie Coach Summers is bossing TF up. He’s ALL about business now. Ain’t NO love on chat, just beating up opponents and inching closer to that locked up spot. Don’t look TOO hard but he has Lamar Jackson & Hollywood Brown meshing & matching on offense. That is scary for USERS.

#3 Texans

Coach McDougal? Naaaaaaaw. The Texans are losing focus on the regular season and just waiting on the playoffs. The league’s hottest offense has cooled it’s jets and lost 2 consecutive games. “That Minnesota loss shook us. The team is playing up and down to its competition. We’ll fix it. Houston always does.

#1 Raiders

Joffer has the Raiders perched atop the conference. With a multifaceted offense, BIG WRs and Ruggs as a special weapon, there’s ample room for Josh Jacobs to continue eating clock. The Raiders have GDL’s most efficient attack and the addition of Earl Thomas has solidified the young backend.

#7 Bills

Well, look who TF woke up and joined the PARTY. GAAAAAH DAMN COACH JACKSON! *loud, slow, obnoxious clap* “We’ve been busy this season. I’m never about all that talking and yapping to blogs & reporters. I play my games, don’t sim defense like SOME users and stay low key. Tell you this tho, we can our defense and playmaking QB to ANY user’s house come playoffs. Y’all don’t wanna see what I’m bringing POTNA.

NFC Threats

#1 Cardinals

The Cardinals heard the chatter. Kyler Murray leads the league in passing yards, TDs and AZ’s first ever 13-0 start. Still, the sophomore signal caller has struggled all season with his accuracy to open WRs on short routes. Often, the youngster takes hard shots and heavy hits behind the league’s WORST O-line but Coach Beast insists he’s just got to process faster. “The kid is a natural, born, talented PLAYMAKER. That’s the disconnect. He makes the spectacular shit but missed the routine stuff. It’s why we’re scoring less, playing better defense and focused on opening the playbook on both sides of the ball. Did you see Byron’s game this week? The kid was like Doctor Death of the legendary Raiders’ abusive teams! Before that, FS Jalen Thompson stepped up and helped us keep Russell Wilson under 200 yards. We’re clicking.”

Sophomore CB Byron Murphy skates up the middle for his first sack.
Murphy leads an ALL out blitz and causes the forced fumble

With the league’s #5 defense, Arizona is primed for its first playoffs since Kurt Warner was coaching.

For his efforts, Murphy earned the Superstar ability Acrobat!

#2 Vikings

The Vikings’ path to the Superbowl is setting squarely on the shoulders of Dalvin Cook.

Hold up? You just gon skip MY defense? *sucks lips* WHATEVER dude. I’m ready and willing for ANYBODY. Matter fact, I’m the ONLY user with a win over a a human coach. Rest of these dudes just riding easy CPU-filled schedules. They ain’t been TESTED.” *points at Cardinals*

2021 Draft (A GDL 1st!)


Just like the REAL NFL, the Jets gotta decision to make. Do they roll with Sam Darnold and build with their bevy of picks OR get Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and start over. The Rams will be looking to strengthen their OL but LB is a true concern as well.


The Chargers will have the luxury of ANY non-QB player and experts have them chasing Gregory Rosseau (Miami Speed DE). With Bosa AND the Hurricane rookie, their defense can replace Melvin Ingram.

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