Gratitude Journal Day #87: Saturday, 12/26/2020

Why I chose THIS to start my day…

3.) Breakfast in bed Omelette with BIG veggies, skillet fried potatoes AND French toast. *pops collar* Grateful to be full and chilling before 9am, FULL day ahead of the Queen and I. What the veterans of life say? 🤔 Ohhh yeeeah… “Early bird get the 1st worm.”

2.) Weighted Blanket My son hooked me up with this and BOI. I didn’t know it solved multiple symptoms. Warm? Yup, it’s that but being weighted keeps my whole still. I’m ‘swaddled’ so there’s less shaking and spasms in my legs.

1.) Camo Joggers *wink* I feel COOL with these mugs on. All I’m doing is chilling and feeling gangsta. My kids love camo anything and joggers so they filled my head up too. *fist bump* Good job kids!

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