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Gorilla Daddy League: Coach Summers & Baltimore Ravens Special Report

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☆Coach Summers is writing his OWN article! This is NOT written by ME.☆

What some would say is an ideal start to the season, the Baltimore Ravens Coach remains “not impressed” at 8-0. “We’ve played sluggish, uninspired football at times. We’ve showed up in big games, but I’m not impressed”. Going into week 9 with the number five offense and number one defense in the league, it was hard to believe this is not an impressive football team. But narrowly walking out of Cincinnati with a win, left Coach Summers happy but agitated more so than anything else. “We leave too much meat on the bone.” He added. “I want all of it.”

Untimely mistakes and simply just a mess of a first half, Baltimore found themselves down seventeen to seven. Lamar Jackson took 2 picks with him into the second half, one of which a pick 6, and really never got it going through the air but didn’t need to. Phillip Lindsay took the game over in the second half, picking up Jackson in the process.

Lindsay finished with 140 yards on 23 carries. Lamar would finish those drives off with 2 TDS on the ground and a short passing touchdown. The defense, as always with this team, was the story of the game. They struggled in the first half, combating not only the duo of Joe Burrow and Joe Mixon (the Joe Bros.), but poor field position as well. They completely stifled the pair in the second half, blanking them. Only acquiring a single turnover, the defense just stood tall time and time again allowing a total of only 231 yards for the game. After the offense scored a touchdown late in the 3rd to bring the team to within 3, defense stood up once again forcing the second Bengals punt in as many drives. The Ravens offense then jumped on the back of Phillip Lindsay as, he alone, gained 51 of the 75 yards on the way to pay-dirt, as Lamar made two beautiful passes in the process. The first, a 15 bullet to Hollywood Brown on the left sideline to start the drive off, the second on a cross slant route to Devin Duverney on a big 3rd down conversion to the 4 yard line. A simple Lamar scamper sealed the score. The defense held for one last time, forcing the third straight punt and Coach Summers ran Phillip Lindsay to the final whistle.

“We’ve yet to play a complete game.” Coach said after the game. “The Vikings game was a step in the right direction, this was a step to the side. Im extremely happy how the guys turned it around in the second half. I’m extremely happy with our defense. They showed why they are the top defense in the league in that second half. We’ll go as far as those guys take us and those guys want another ring. Our offense has GOT to figure it out though or the defense might have to play both sides of the ball.” He chuckled. Coach was asked if Lamar’s interceptions were indicative to the offensive woes not just in this game but previous. Coach seemed rather annoyed by the question. “Obviously they are. We turnover the ball, we can’t score. I mean…. come on. You don’t need a Harvard education to figure that out. I think Lamar just gets too impatient. He makes knee jerk decisions trying to make the home run play every time instead of letting the offense work. Which is fine, but you got to be smart about it and he knows that. Let the offense work, big plays will come but hey, it’s all gas no brakes over here, man. But sometimes we find ourselves, too often, tapping the brakes. And sometimes we giving it too much gas and run off the road a bit. We have to find the right balance between the two before we crash and take a loss. Plain and simple. Let’s move on to Chicago.”

No more questions were answered by Coach Summers. It’s clear that there’s something brewing in Baltimore, but is it a championship contender or just another hopeful? We’ll see how the team takes their leader’s comments this Sunday night at home.

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