Gratitude Journal Day #159: Wednesday, 3/10/21

Besides HUMPING on a Wednesday, what are you grateful for?

3.) Woke up sweating – Maaaaaaan, look, it is cold. I am NOT okay with the cold at all. I USED to looooove cuffing season, indoors weather and laid up with your Queen, wife, gf, bf, best dude, homie, WHAT-ever. Now? Quote the Raven, “Nevermore”. Cold weather causes physical pain, tremors, and uglier symptoms. Which is why waking up sweating was a GOOD thing. It means warmer weather is coming home to MY crib and I’m grateful than a MUTHA y’all! *brrr*.

2.) Met my ADA Coordinator – It wasn’t as fruitful as I hoped. The coordinator gave me the wackest, most limited options I thought possible. Instead of 2, separate, 15min breaks, I get 3 10min of break. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ I do get to choose WHEN I take them but come on, that modification is lazy and cheap. I can have 2 of 3 devices as wireless but not the headset. No change to my schedule. No additional days can be missed due to illness. (Dawg. I πŸ™„ I have freaking Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I’m gonna miss days.) So, after considering the total of 7mo with this gig, crappy leadership, piss poor ability to meet requested accommodations, I’m still grateful to have a J-O-B. *dusts hands*

1.) THEY cleaned the garage – The Queen and dem kids. It was so, very necessary too. My youngest uses it for her art room. My son practices dribbling and hides his conversations in there. (HIM says he just plays ball. πŸ˜‰) It’s always my “medicine cabinet”. Yuuuuuup, grateful THEY got it done while I finished my shift. Well, you right. I wasn’t gonna be out there helping anyway because everybody and their Momma know I’ll fall, HARD. I’m grateful for the completed, clean garage AND the OVER-standing I can’t help.

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