Gratitude Journal Day #161: Friday, 3/12/21

Dawg. WE made it. Gratitudes and downhill right?

3.) Worked a 13-hr shift – I’m bushed, still tired, exhausted but I’m still on track. Barely on the rails but I’m on pace and headed in the righteous direction with 40hrs (Well, I gotta finish today and I’ll have my 40 hours.). Tell why I’m grateful besides the check, I had such a confusing, inefficient time of finishing paperwork, speaking with clients and researching issues that I wanted to cry. Things weren’t going good and I kept reminding myself that I’m okay, folks want ME, life AIN’T falling apart. It was a CLOSE call people.

2.) Found my OLD favorite shirt – I hadn’t SEEN it on so long that I forgot about it! My brother bought it for me a couple years ago when we went on vacation. On the front, “I don’t skinny dip. I chunky dunk!” with a BIG dude eating ice cream. See, on overseas vacation, that’s our thing. The Tribe will skinny dip in pools, oceans, wherever. βœ‹πŸΎNo, HE will. I just support him by being the “lookout”. Happy I found it because I needed a fresh shirt to wear anyway.

1.) Got up early again – That makes it 3 days in a row. Am I gaining energy? Getting stronger yet? I damn sho hope so. I’m on my 5th day of avoiding alcohol, sugar and gluten to improve my Multiple Sclerosis and Ulcerative Colitis symptoms. I THINK it’s getting better because I’m up to midnight with the new work shift, extra tutoring and all the responsibilities with this Friday community assistance meeting. 5am, ya boi is back at it. Grateful for the early start because every day I need it. I start work at 11am and STILL not ready because I’m always getting sidetracked.

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