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Gratitude Journal Day #167:
Thursday, 3/18/21

*yawning* Don’t rush it people. Get your WATER, grab a couple of Gratitudes and meet me out there. If you need more time, *bows* then self-care but please, actually do the care for SELF part. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎπŸ–€

3.) Remembered my CARMEX! – πŸ˜‘ It’s THAT serious with me and the carmex lip balm. I gotta have it, keep it close, all times. We left the crib and I was low key stressing over how chapped my lips were. I checked all my pockets twice but nothing. I know this sounds bad but I’m being honest, I just knew I’d bite my chapped lips at some point and cause some bleeding. 😬 Then, out of the deep crevices of the left pocket, my fingers the proverbial “holy grail”. They emerged with my carmex just in time to save my night! *pumps fist*

2.) Snuck out to eat with Fam – And, we got the sweetest spot, didn’t have to back in, enough room to open doors all the way, aligned with the front entrance, I’m talking SWEET. Got that mug on our first go-around too. I’ve heard a LOT about 7 Lagunas, a Mexican restaurant, from the Queen and sister-in-law. It was cool beans, very family friendly, affordable, extensive menu, nice staff but the kicker was those MARGARITAS! 🍹🍹 Whoa. Wow. Golly. I’d come back just for drinks.

The margaritas were so tasty I remember wondering, “Did they mix salt in the rita itself because every sip had a little *sucks lips, light smack* to it. Now, in reality, it didn’t continue like that throughout the entire margarita. Nowhere close but those first few sips were special and the rita was awesome.

1.) Got Queen’s eyes done – I’m paying the First Adult to keep her Mother’s eyelashes done. Since she earned her eyelash technician license, she is certified, qualified and of course, available. πŸ˜‰ That whole thing helps the entire house and THEY don’t even know it. My daughter gets better, gains experience and makes some cash, which hopefully builds her confidence towards a career in cosmetology. My Queen just flat out feels better about herself, which improves her energy to care of all US. The younger three get a happy Mommy for cooking and planning family events. Me? I STILL feel great that I’m able to drop that full service payment. (I have NO doubt she’d do it for free but then, all the magic is reduced.) πŸ™πŸΎ

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