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Video Testimonial of taking Sea Elements & Kalawalla

How I learned about it.

My Queen found it. We were jamming Breakfast Club and Charlamagne Tha God dropped that line, “90% of what I wear is produced by BLACK businesses.” I’ve heard it several times over the years but as I go forward, it really hit me. I’m building a business of blogging, writing books and recommending wellness. I HAVE to be authentic to my people and my Tribe. I can’t do that without explaining I actively search for BLACK businesses. I use whatever product best fits the need but damn it; I am to going to spend my own money, experimenting with specific products and report back like only I can. 👏🏾

Which products am I using?

Stinging Nettle tea – (allergy relief and flushing the digestive system)

Love for the Lymph tea – (detoxifies the body on a cellular level)

Pau D’Arco bark tea – anti-fungal

I did NOT grow up a tea drinker. Faaaaaar from that life because I’m black and country. I grew up on kool-aid and water from the garden hose outside. 🤷🏾‍♂️ That background lays the foundation for years of bad eating habits and misunderstandings of how food affects the body. I am now in my 40s, diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and Ulcerative Colitis so what I eat and drink to vital AF to my daily management of chronic pain, discomfort and illness. This is how the teas help. 8mo into drinking these teas everyday, 1 of each but 2 of Pau D’Arco bark (the anti-fungal is theorized to eliminate the candia fungus), I’m gaining consistency in my bowel movements, much less bloating and the stomach cramps have considerably lessened. When I’ve attempted OTHER Pau D’Arco Bark tea, I can barely even finish the small cup because the taste is… 👎🏾

COMBINATION of Sea Elements & Kalawalla

Energy boosters do not do the description justice. The combination of Sea Elements and Kalawalla gives my thoughts clarity, I seem to remember tasks easier and of course, I get real, deal energy. Earlier I mentioned 2 of my illnesses (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, PPMS, and Ulcerative Colitis, UC) because I want followers, readers and listeners to OVER-stand the starting point of my energy. It is looooooow. (Low like the Houston Rockets’ chance at being relevant again! 😑👀) I put in 40hrs/week as a work-from-home Customer Service Representative. I average another solid 35-50hrs on my blog, businesses, books and brand. I’m married with 4 kids. The kids HOME-school, not remote but HOME. I am bushed every freaking day. I struggle staying up past 10pm. Then, I started Sea Elements and Kalawalla. I take 14 vitamins everyday and when Sea Elements and Kalawalla are missing, my movement is noticeably slugglish, I FEEL anemic. The energy boost isn’t immediate; takes 3 or 4 days to knock down doors but when it does, I gain another 3 or 4 hours of activity by waking earlier, sleeping better and pushing myself with yoga.

My code to is 1t5. Remember, YOU receive a discount for using my code and I sure appreciate the commission too!

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