Gratitude Journal Day #195: Friday, 4/16/21

We maaaaaaaade it!

3.) Didn’t FALL! – Ooooo. What an amazing story of home SURVIVAL. I was wall-walking, handling my morning routines when I stepped wrong. The misstep spun me around, had a playa flailing in fear, knocking glass bottles of supplements to the floor, grabbing at anything to prevent the dreaded crash-to-the-ground. All types of weird, UN-manly sounds escaped my lips but I did NOT fall. My supplements didn’t crack or break either. (Nastiest stuff I take! šŸ¤¢) Grateful for the blessing to remain standing and really grateful nobody heard my noises.

2.) Followed my Wellness Goals AND the content calendar – Day one of me having both Wellness Goals and following a content calendar. I’m trying to bump the usage and feasibility of allthingsonelove as my main source of income. Everybody sees those memes about “___ time focused on goals will put you ___ years ahead.” I can’t talk all this improve-yourself game but skip improving and bettering my blog because it is me. It’s my release, my spiritual book, my dream career. So, grateful I stuck out day ONE and grateful I rose early on day 2 to start up again. šŸ¤“šŸ¾

1.) Hung up my daughter’s gift – Okay, confession. I didn’t grow up visualizing myself as some smoke-weed-anywhere-Daddy-because-nobody-can-whoop-me. Granted, I’ve smoked weed consistently since high school but I never intended to be as open as I am about it. HOWEVER, things change, people adapt and plans are swapped out. I’m a faithful, dedicated cannabis advocate, Multiple Sclerosis Outlaw and Agent of Gratitude. When my eldest gifted me a marijuana wall decoration, I was grateful, not suspicious and noooow, it is perfect with my work area and aligned with my environment. #Boom

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