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Gratitude Journal Day #202:
Friday, 4/23/21

*rolls neck* I’m finna get in some trouble today. *fist bump* Who with me?

3.) Family investment in Adobe – My kids have been begging for the Adobe application so they can really do some editing. 2 of my 3 daughters have YouTube channels so the ability to edit is crucial. I have a YouTube channel too (allthingsonelove) and my thinking is that buying the application will bring us closer as they teach me and DO my videos, podcast, and other stuff. Again, the masterpiece is all of us ganging up on allthingsonelove and making it the family’s only need for income. S/O to my daughters for agreeing to the experiment!

2.)  ALL my clothes clean, folded, AND put up – I gotta brag folks. People, like my folks, will wash clothes in a heartbeart, wash them on schedule but NOBODY wants to fold & put them up. Mine is done, thanks to the Queen. I put SOME up which is why I’m claiming it. I even ALMOST fell in the process so let me give double thanks.

1.) Growing Up – I’m trying Tribespeople, TRYING. For the first few years of allthingsonelove, I was alone, eating salads & tuna fish, writing dark blog posts, and just holding on to anything. Now, my family has slowly grown to the idea of it being a team thing, promoting services together, earning money together, BUILDING together. I’ve had to grow with this. I wanted the blog to save my soul, exemplify my heart but I figured I’d do it myself. I was hesitant to share my passion because I feared my family couldn’t match my vision or hustle. I grew up when I realized they don’t HAVE to. It took me years to GROW my vision into what it is and those years were full of doubt, 2nd guesses, mistakes, and a precipitous decline in health. I gotta let others grow through this and into this too. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

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