Gratitude Journal Day #208: Thursday, 4/29/21

Throwback Thursday? Aight. *blows* I can do this. Two days and one of them is Friday. *rolls neck* What is my Throwback gonna be? Hmmm….

*horns blaring* The 1st Throwback Thursday post of 2021 is… What I Learned About Cannabis & MS after 10 days in Colorado (1/1/2018)

3.) Queen slid in her FIRST blog post! 🀩 – I needed that on so many levels. The obvious reason is that I’m grateful for her help and input because it lightens my load however, it also shows her commitment to working this blog/website with me. I have some immensely grandiose ideas for my blog, family, illness, life. The success of it, as I vision it, involves the entire Tribe of Avants contributing to content, promotions, advertising, sharing the income, and schooling each other so we’re as independent as possible.

COVID-19 & Immunity

I’m the #sickAF member of this Tribe but everyone is learning from my journey and walking the path themselves. As a family, we’re constantly trying to improve our lifestyles for wellness of the mind, heart, soul and body through various ways. We explain to the kids what we’re doing, ask them how they feel, and push them for answers beyond, “I dunno. I feel fine.” *winks* THAT is where the real gratitude lies. I’m grateful she wrote that post, grateful for her energy, and grateful for the UNIFIED message to gives the kids and other Tribespeople.

2.) Had our walk-through w/ Rae Vann – Rae Vann is the disability attorney featured for our guest spot on That’s The Way I Feel. That’s The Way I Feel is the podcast hosted by myself, Kerry, and Jamillah. The three hosts have Multiple Sclerosis and our objective is to bring information on MS, thriving beyond MS, and share stories of wellness with MS. Rae is coming to answer listeners’ questions on the combination of employment, disability, handicaps, modifications, terminations and anything related to the Americans with Disabilities Act! Y’all have NO idea how official that makes me feel. *makes muscle*

1.) theraWell Hemp Infused Foot Pads – This was my 2nd time using the product and although it didn’t STOP the pain, it distracted me enough to take a hot shower, clean myself up and at least finish the day. For THAT I am grateful. (Especially since we that BIG meeting with Rae Vann! *gulp*)

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