Gratitude Journal Day #210: Saturday, May 1st, 2021

FULL Crunk Talk (in OTHER words, my message of motivation) –>YouTube linkπŸ“½

It’s da 1st of tha moooonth, wake up, wake up, get up. So pass tha check and come oooonnn… (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

3.) Found my headset clip – I thought that mug was lost forever. The headset clip is crucial to a wheelchair user because it keeps the cord OUT of entanglements. I went a good 4 days without it and the difference was noticeable. #whew

2.) Rainy Day! – Grateful for rainy days because it means I don’t have to go anywhere at all. There is NO pressure, regardless of how big or special it is, I can’t operate in the rain, snow, drizzle, nothing. *eyes fluttering* Just me, a bad back, computer and Wi-Fi.

1.) Finished the book! – *looking for snitches* Pssst. *whispers* I’m about to drop my 4th book but this one is printed!

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