allthingsonelove 2-star Restaurant Review: The Toasted Yolk Cafe

We completed a FAMILY goal this week by getting the kids’ passports. *fist bump* FAMILY goals over here mean FAMILY celebration and we chose  The Toasted Yolk because the Queen and her unit of Queens visited the business earlier. According to her memory, the Churro Style donuts were good enough that she’d come back and try a whole meal. I was cool beans with that so away we went. Starting off, I’m wheelchair-bound so the waiter/staff not helping me move was wack. We were seated in some corner spot and my kids were expected to move chairs to other areas so I could sit. Again, not cool.


It started off bad with the mimosas. We ordered a grapefruit and an orange. Both came garnished with orange slices which turned me off. Nevermind the fact that they were watered down.

Churro Style Donuts

We came for these and I liked them. Liiiiiiked them as in, I’ll get a piece of someone else’s but I’m not ordering them myself. They had good texture, excellent taste but too sweet for me. I didn’t taste the cinnamon I expected but everyone else did. *rolls eyes*

Vegetable Scramble

Dude, she sent hers back! “No. Absolutely not. This looks like a mess and I do not like it.” When she told the waitress, there was attitude from then now. The waitress offered an exchange, re-cook but my wife didn’t want anything. The waitress snatched the plate and took forever to do anything for the rest of the meal! *shrugs* We know to separate the food from the service. A bad meal does not push us to penalize the waiter/waitress until you start taking forever, not bringing what is asked, others fulfill our requests. Theeeen, we still do 20% because we know it could be a bad day.

A crawfish-omelette thing

I didn’t like mine either. The problem started with a lack of flavor. From there, the different components of the omelette just sat there. They never came together to make the meal do anything, have anything, leave anything. I could taste the crawfish, cheese, eggs, pico but I’m tasting each separately. Where is the seasoning? Every bite tasted like individual pieces. I hit it with the salt and pepper; that helped some but not enough. Shoot, I asked the waiter specifically about this dish and she couldn’t give me a description or anything. I was irked about that. Why advertise a special meal but when customers are ready to order it, nobody can show a picture, describe it, nothing in the restaurant. They just tell you the names.

Breakfast burrito

My son was disappointed that he couldn’t pick it up and bite it like a burrito. Sure, it was big but he wanted a burrito, not a monstrous omelette-sandwich.

Buttermilk pancakes

My daughters are fans of the classic stuff so they got pancakes. They were impressed with the size of the things and my 2nd grader swore she’d finish them. (Nope, she did not. LMAO)

Noooope, I ain’t coming back. I can probably speak for my Queen and say, she will not come back either. The kids? They are their own people and have allowances so they can go for it.

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