Gratitude Journal Day #214:
Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

Crunk Talk video for Cinco de Mayo!

3.) PCP visit – It did NOT well but I’m grateful I got it over with. On to the next step, got a few numbers to call for help with paying for medical tests. *shakes head* I am grateful to teach something too. Bad insurance is NOT better than NO  insurance. With NO insurance, you know where to start. You only tell ONE story. BAD insurance means wasting valuable time, losing sanity as you are forced to go through ragged, inefficient motions installed just to make you give up. BAD insurance means calling multiple providers and hearing that your BAD insurance is NOT accepted. BAD insurance means stuff like seeing the doctor but tests, medicines, treatments, specialists aren’t covered so you’re constantly behind the “8-ball of information”, spinning wheels, stuck talking to different departments, transfers, apologies before exhausting ALL possibilities and getting the opportunity to talk to OTHER do-gooders, non-profits, etc. that may help. No insurance? You start at that final hurdle! I’ve spent a whole week, 7 days, trying to see somebody for a jacked-up back and I’m STILL not at the final hurdle. Grateful that when I do return to work, I’ll have FRESH memories of insurance bullshit to navigate members through.

Well. What you NEED to do is get a better job so you’ll have better insurance.” — PCP visit, 5/4/2021

2.) 1st meeting with website development – It’s coming along. I’m hoping that this is my last month using wordpress and switching my blog to a full-fledged, family-involved website. Told y’all, I have plans on living my life free of 9-5s, seeing the beach every day, steady temperatures, and slower everything else. To do that, I need income. To get income, I’m building a business based on everything I do, write, review and use to battle chronic illness. I want the blog to include yoga videos, motivational talks, family projects, how-to guides, spread the podcast, and allow me to be independent of anything & everyone. Got another step done!

1.) It’s Cinco de Mayo – FIRST, let me explain the significance of Cinco de Mayo and why my Tribe celebrates so hard. We do Cinco de Mayo BIGGER than the 4th of July! (Why Cinco de Mayo is Important to World History!)

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