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Gratitude Journal Day #215:
Thursday, May 6th, 2021

Oooooo…. on the day AFTER kicking it… Gratitudes and keep going…

3.) S/O to my Firstborn – It’s her Born Day ,she took me to the smoke-store yesterday, scooped some ice for the adults to do their Cinco de Mayo thing, she good people. She has no idea how much I brag on her and I openly to my kids that I’M their #1 fan. I’m grateful to have kid that seems to “get it” and showing growth.

2.) Scheduled a PT visit – Man. I bust my hump and go all kinds of OUT of the way to get things done for members. I’m a CSR, Customer Service Representative and I know the struggle of dealing with angry members, people scared, worried about their health, got a story to tell, I get all that. I was that member on Wednesday. I’ve called my insurance a few times for help but rum into issues every time. Until yesterday. *nodding head* The homie Mary, she was the CSR, got me a PT visit scheduled! *makes love sign*

1.) Lobster Tacos – Whoa. The healthy Cinco de Mayo… *bows* The cooks did FOUR kinds of ‘meat’ options, shrimp, regular, vegan/gluten free and freaking lobster. *rubs belly* Ohhhh what a meal…. all night grubbing… I’m talking 6am and still snacking and yapping type of night.

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