Gratitude Journal Day #224: Saturday, 5/15/21

#SaluteMyAssOff. I’m busy AF today so I gotta bounce. I WILL drop these Gratitudes tho.

3.) I got lime juice AND lemon juice – To OVER-stand the significance of this, you gotta know about the benefits of alkaline water, Dr. Sebi and the pursuit of candia-free life. I usually have key lime juice but now, I have BOTH. *hands over mouth* OMG. The taste, that tender bitterness, water just a few degrees above room temperature… I’m ready to chop some goals DOWN.

2.) Gotta new work schedule! – I’ve been out siiiiiiiiince… *eye roll* April 28th. I’m going back on Monday but NEXT week, I’m being assigned to work 2-1-2, 10hr shifts, start at 10am CST. I requested M-Th or Tu-F, 10hr, but got rejected like Geico commercials with Dikembe Mutombo. 😏 When they offered 2-1-2, I pounced. I’ll won’t work 3 days in a row unless necessary. Sis, I’m soooo ready for that kinda life. Bump Friday, Monday and gimme that Hump Day off every week. #GratefulAF

1.) I know what a business plan is!! – *beating chest like King Kong* Didn’t have to pay money either. Nope, its NOT done but at least I can finally start taking the next step towards my new career as a Lifestyle Blogger for the Disabled.

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