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Gratitude Journal Day #226: Monday, 5/17/21

Crunk Talk for today are those expensive ass OUT-of-pocket expenses.  (YouTube link)

I gotta go to work today so I’m not playing with y’all. *duck face* Let’s get these Gratitudes and find more like an OUTLAW supposed to y’all.

3.) I’m aight – I think I am. I’m not as bad as I was a few weeks ago when I fell off the toilet. *shakes head* Saturday night, no drinking involved, I fell backwards, pulled Oktob’R (my Zinger Mobility Chair) on top of me. I did not bang my head. That’s Gratitude alone. The rest of me is ok and I’m heading to the J-O-B today so I make this change and head to Ecuador. *makes muscle*

2.) Saw my lil Susta – Even before the pandemic, I rarely saw my lil Sis. We’re 10 years apart, live over an hour apart and I’m stuck to a wheelchair so ain’t no place we can just go kick it like that anyway. I’ve seen her now THREE weeks in a row and I’m grateful for this. I’m getting to know her and my nephews and niece a little bit more. We’ve baby-sat a few times. I feel like I’m building a relationship with her all over again!

1.) Brand new toothbrush – Bruh. *shrugs* I BEEN needing one but I always to ask one of the OTHER adults in the house. When I finally did, my Queen pulled a new one from under her cabinet. I’m impressed she had an extra one, not really digging the big ass head on it but I do feel clean-ER.

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