Gratitude Journal Day #227: Tuesday. 5/18/21

Lemme show y’all how to write some real deal, empowering Gratitudes that smack the negativity to another moment. *fist bump*

3.) Garage has a new light – MAN. My brother happened to be over, celebrating success, and the garage light had just went out. *heart racing* The garage is my sauna, therapy, time-out, thinking cap and chill spot. I smoke in there, take notes, catch up with homies and cry. No light means I’m wall-walking, obviously in the dark, greater risk for falls, accidents and injuries so I’m grateful AF about it. He didn’t change it because my Queen sees household ‘fix-its’ as her personal accomplishments. #CoolBeans He DID hold the ladder firmly. 🤣🤣

2.) Queen’s videos – My gurl in there right NOW! I looooooove the whole process, groceries, stocking foods, SEEING everything done because I’m disabled so I’m chilling and watching. 😉 That ain’t the REAL gratitude here. It’s feeling and tasting her energy and effort in the meals. These videos have empowered her, elevated her cooking in her own eyes and the effect is everywhere. Kids being more careful about using stuff, leaving a mess. These dishes have pictures and stories. We eat OUT in staying IN! On top of that, MY meals are always aligned with my lifestyle or pushing towards improved choices. On days I’m drinking, ALL I get is basic necessities, HEAVY on veggies, NO fruit because that is my cheat food. That’s the Gratitude. She’s beyond cooking for me, cooking healthy for the kids and bursting with sharing what she does. Just like me and this blog for the Disabled about using Gratitude, Attitude, Authenticity, Passion, Purpose & Perspective (G.A.A.P.P.P.).

1.) My kids heard a REAL Black Panther speak! – Amazing. Powerful. Not they, just my 2nd grader, kid #4. I’m soooo doggone grateful we found this African American run, owned, open enrollment school! Wow! The story of being forced to leave the United States behind his collaboration of protecting the Black community, involvement with feeding KIDS & memebership of the Black Panther Party was heart-wrenching. His family is still in Ghana, unable to come home and that jacked her up. What a story!

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