Gratitude Journal Day #234: Tuesday, 5/25/21

TI-day. 1st one. Get with the Gratitude or get rolled over. β™ΏπŸ‘‘

3.) Gotta new J-O-B – #Boom. What am I doing? Selling Medicaid/Medicare for the Assurance broker so I’ll have the 7 major insurance companies at my disposal. #Bam People calling ME will get a sound, thorough analysis of their needs and I’m gonna make sure preferred DOCTORS are with whatever plan they choose, medication is covered and nooooobody gets sticker shock. ✊🏾

2.) PERFECT fries vs. BEST onion rings –  She did it. She REALLY did it. She made the perfect fries, homemade, seasoned, soft middle but crunchy outside. The onion rings  had a loud crunk, the onions were zingy, snappy, nothing needed ketchup. I was BALLING with my plate.

1.) S/O to the producer of the podcast – He SAVED our latest episode. *wipes sweaty brow* Somehow, me again, jacked up my recording. We had 2 choices. Record a whole new episode orrrrr…. Good ol’ Chris stepped in, put a couple of us together and *voila* We had a completed project. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎ Ain’t nothing scaring these three Gangstas-in-Wheelchairs.

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