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Gratitude Journal Day #249: Wednesday, 6/9/21

Heeeeeeey Wellness Wednesday! Whatcha got for the Tribespeople today?

Wanna start yoga? Worried you’ll pull a muscle? Don’t know where or how to start?

Ya boi got you! #yoga #disabled #wheelchair #handicapped #wallwalker #legs #stretch #muscles #body #goslow #start #fitness #exercise #ExerciseIsMedicine #dowhatyoucando #improve #stronger #BEbetter #loveYOU #growYOU #buildYOU #knowYOU #KnowBetterDoBetter

Theeeeeeen comes Gratitudes!

3.) Time for Change – DAWG. This jam dropped last year and O. M. GAWD. Sooooo many artists did their thing and each addressed the Black Lives Movement. Whoa. *bows* I’m grateful these artists worked together and laced such an awesome freaking track. 8+ minutes! I’m grateful it jammed so hard, I bobbed my head so hard, that I forgot my foot neurosis. πŸŽ›πŸŽ›

2.) Met with HR – Well, *hands on hips* I’ll just say I’m grateful SOME-thing is supposed to be “investigated” because… I DESERVE to be heard.

1.) People sharing my ebook!! – *blushing like a MUTHAFUGGA* My Mom but you KNOW she got my back. My student posting it AND his energy from writing it. I got Aunts, cousins… *proud* This is example of being so grateful that I can overlook the nerve pain in my feet. It gets so intense that my knees go all knock-knee’d even though I’m sitting down! Still, you wouldn’t even know it because I’m grooving to a recommended playlist and setting up for tomorrow’s first LIVE Gratitude Journaling.

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