Gratitude Journal Day #257: Friday, 6/18/21

Tomorrow is JUNETEENTH. Today is Friday. Shhhiiiiiiiiiid… THAT’S enough right there!

3.) Yoga Scholarship! – This is something I deserve. I’ve been doing yoga, every day, since May 2019. I started at 12, now I’m at almost 60 poses. I paid for a 200hr yoga certification in October 2020 but only done 4 hours total so far. *shrugs* What happened was I gotta real, legit, work-from-home gig. The interface for the one I paid for is so confusing that I’ve never figured out videos or anything. On top of that, the classes are for normies. *makes muscle* I do my best, adjust some, stay seated and just go hard as I can. This specific yoga scholarship is for the J program! THIS mug is by made BY disabled folks, FOR disabled folks. *clapping* This is waaaaay out of my income league but that scholarship gives me a CHANCE and that’s all I need. My dream is to teach yoga, on a beach, writing books, and remotely running programs aimed at teaching GRATITUDE as a culture, lifestyle, language. *winks* Took another step with this application acceptance!

2.) Neurologist appt – I forgot I made this doggone appointment but I’m damn sho going! I need to ask a few questions and get a professional’s opinion because some of my newer symptoms… I’ll leave that there. MAN. I am grateful AF for this appointment. It’s my 2nd Neuro visit since quitting healthcare so I’m nervous, geeked, stressed, everything. I’m grateful for an opportunity to get some questions answered.

1.) No calls today! – Yuuuuup, my work computer is still jacked up. The replacement has NOT arrived soooooo…. Guess who gets paid to LISTEN to the work audio but can’t participate? THIS GUY. The team NEEDS this money for that trip next month, I NEED to stay sane by grinding the business/blog/brand/book/groups… Today, I get BOTH. *fist bump*

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