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Gratitude Journal Day #265: Saturday, 6/26/21


3.) TWO fans – BOI DID I NEED TWO FANS TOO! The A/C is still out. I’m really not tripping on the low 80Β° temp in the crib because of my Multiple Sclerosis. Last night was a little ugly tho. Two fans solved the issue and I faded into a solid 4hr snooze session. πŸ₯΅πŸ˜΄

2.) House FULL of snacks – *raising roof* DAWG. I don’t eat that much but just seeing all the gluten-free, sugar-free stuff had me on FULL creator mode! I was up late and finished 3 different projects, sipping and snacking.

1.) Gave my 1st business pitch! – I was sooo nervous! I did it tho. *salute* It felt great getting that first pitch down because I see my holes, where I can improve. Heck, now that I’ve finished some of those projects, my pitch will better organized and prepared. *makes muscle* #EffMS and the symptoms it rode in on

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