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Gratitude Journal Day #267: Monday, 6/28/21

Aight. My Monday WELLNESS goal is no liquor till Friday, 7:30pm. What ch’all working on?

3.) Got my audiobook set up to be sold independently like a BOSS – It’s available on my quick links page. I want to be a REAL hustler, entrepreneur with it so I’m NOT going with Amazon or any 3rd party, 2nd party, agent, NOTHING. *crosses arms* I believe the shit I tell y’all about rising, raising, speaking up, taking chances with middle fingers to ANY-body, ANY-thing that disturbs your peace. My audiobook is ONLY available through me and I accept CashApp, PayPal and direct bank transfer.

2.) Queens home safe – YES. These are the “easy Gratitudes” but that WHY statement separates each, gives it power, makes YOU accountable for being grateful, expressing Gratitude. I’m grateful she’s home because we got kids to raise, trips to take and businesses to build.

1.) Neighbors fixed my A/C and MORE! – I would fight to defend them vs anybody. My neighbors do so much for everybody but mowing the lawns, fixing the A/C, providing gardening supplies, swapping BBQ… *sniff* And REFUSE payment because they operate on GOOD principles (GP).

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